Winter safety tips for Motorcycle users

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Winter can be a perilous time on the roads, with more accidents happening between December and February than at any other time of year. From black ice on the road to storm and flooding risks, road conditions are often at their worst – meaning that it’s crucial to take extra preventative steps to avoid accidents of any kind. These worsened conditions can pose more of a threat to motorcyclists than other road users, due to their increased likeliness to be involved in an accident.

In this guide, we’ll lay out some tips that can help motorcyclists remain safe throughout the winter and stay on the move.

Keeping warm

It may seem obvious but wrapping yourself up to preserve your body heat is crucial to staying healthy when riding during the winter. Remember that it’s not just the general temperature you need to take into consideration but also the wind chill, as this will be the temperature felt by your skin throughout the drive. Driving without appropriate clothing also puts you at risk of becoming fatigued and your concentration levels dropping.

To beat the cold and keep up your temperature, layering up is the best option. Consider using a balaclava under your helmet to reduce the surface area of your skin that is exposed to the wind, helping to keep frostbite at bay. Waterproof jackets and trousers are also a better option than your usual leathers as these will better retain your body heat while deflecting any rain or snow.

Check your Tyres

You need to check the tread on your tyres before any journey in winter, to ensure you’ll be in the best position possible if you have to brake quickly or end up on an ice-covered road. There’s always the option of choosing dedicated winter tyres but, as long as your tyres have a tread of the recommended 4mm, you should be prepared for any winter weather. 

Cold tyres mean less traction. Heating your tyres before setting out on a journey, if possible, will keep your journey as safe as possible – and remember to keep them heated while traveling as any breaks in movement will cause them to cool.

Remain Insured

If you’re not going to be using your motorcycle during the winter it can be tempting to pause or stop your scooter insurance policy to try to save some money, but it’s important to remember that this will mean you’re no longer protected against accidental damage or theft that occurs during this period. With vehicle thefts at their highest during the winter months, it’s likely to be a good idea to keep your policy rolling.

Look After the Battery

Monitoring and caring for your battery over the winter will ensure that it stays in top condition for whenever you decide to ride. Make sure that it keeps registering over 12v and keep it connected to a trickle charger to maintain its power.

Following these tips will help to keep both you and your bike safe and ready to ride no matter the weather.

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