Let’s Have Some Winter Fun: 10 Activities To Do This Winter

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Holidays, delicious food, and lots of family bonding make it the perfect season. Winter is a beautiful time filled with celebrations and picture-perfect snow days.

But winter can also make us lazy. Short days, freezing temperatures, and all that snow can turn us into homebodies. There’s nothing wrong with staying indoors, but winter is the perfect time for fun activities.

Don’t spend this lovely season hibernating! Get out there and have some winter fun with these ten exciting ideas!

1. Building Snowpeople

It’s the quintessential winter activity! Gather your family or friends and build a whole army of snowpeople. You can even get “snowmen kits” that contain everything you need, except the snow, of course.

2. Host a Winter Bonfire

Although bonfires and summer usually go hand-in-hand, try a winter version. Invite your loved ones and pass out hot chocolate and candy canes. Everyone will love roasting marshmallows by the fire on a chilly winter night.

3. Relax With a Movie Marathon

Hate the cold? No problem! Fun indoor winter activity is getting cozy with a holiday movie marathon. Netflix releases tons of cheesy movies around the holidays, so you’ll have plenty of options. Pop the popcorn and snuggle down for the evening!

4. Enjoy a Snowball Fight

Rosy cheeks, freezing fingers, and the crunch of snow are so nostalgic. Snowball fights are a traditional winter activity! To make things easier, try out the Snofling. This snowball maker and the launcher will get you in the spirit. Curious? See products here!

5. Try Winter Camping

Winter camping feels so different from the summer version! It’s a great outdoor activity for the whole family. Find a place with gorgeous views, pitch your tent, and play in the snow. You can even try some ice fishing or snowshoeing!

6. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Young and old alike will love this fun activity. Print out lists of classic winter items like robins, snow forts, and lost mittens. Send everyone on a wild scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. The first to complete the list gets the biggest marshmallow in their hot chocolate!

7. Get Active With Winter Sports

Are you tired of being stuck at home? Get your blood pumping with winter sports like ice hockey and skiing. For something more unique, try dog sledding or ice climbing.

Just make sure to bundle up!

8. Explore the Great Outdoors

One of the best outdoor activities is a winter hike. The whole family can enjoy the peaceful silence and stark beauty of a forest in winter. Search for birds in the empty trees and animal tracks in the snow!

9. Get Into Winter Cooking

Explore new recipes with winter vegetables and hearty meals. Try making your own chili, stews, and other cozy dishes. Then settle in by the fireplace and serve with some mulled wine!

10. Swim Like a Bear

Have fun this winter by doing something a little crazy!

Try a polar bear swim, if you dare. Jump into freezing, icy water for a few seconds to feel your blood pumping through your body. Find a Polar Dip Club near you!

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Beat the Blues With Winter Fun Activities!

Winter activities don’t have to be boring. You don’t even need to leave the warmth of your cozy home to enjoy them. But if you do, explore the beautiful outdoors covered in lush snow with these fun activities.

Looking for more winter fun ideas? Check out our Lifestyle section for the best guides and tips.

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