The Hard Truth About Custom Software: 6 Common Misconceptions About Custom Software Development to Debunk

by whatsmind

Your business is growing, which is excellent news. However, this growth often comes with a need for more effective and efficient software. While many business owners decide to invest in custom software development, this decision comes with a few misconceptions. The failure to understand how best to utilize the potential benefits of custom software can prove costly in terms of both time and financial resources. 

You don’t need testing

This first entry is one of the most prevalent misconceptions. Just because the software was designed for you doesn’t mean it will automatically function perfectly. Every product can be improved, and testing will help flag any issues before they can interrupt your business flow. Selecting a qualified software testing company can be tricky, with so many options out there to choose from, but the most important thing is selecting a vendor with the experience to fulfill their promise. 

For example, taking the time to identify a top-rated, reputable software testing company like XBOSoft is well worth the effort because testing can save so much time down the road. Testing will alert you to where adjustments can be made and even help you determine which direction you choose to pursue in the future.

Custom means pricey

Unlike a designer wardrobe, custom software doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, you may end up spending more money adapting over-the-shelf products that don’t match your needs than what you would have spent on custom software development.

You need more hands for fast results

In many situations, developers are often more effective when you take a “quality over quantity” approach. A smaller, tight-knit team may be able to focus entirely on your project and deliver the results you need because they aren’t distracted by other projects or dealing with communication breakdowns.

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You don’t need ongoing software support

Just like any other software product, your custom software will need ongoing technical support to continue to function effectively and incorporate critical updates. Make sure you have a dedicated team for this job or find an outside company that can provide technical help as needed.

You can’t make changes

You can always make changes based on testing or new business demands. Your custom software will be most effective when it continues to adapt to fit your growing business.

It must be perfect

Your custom software will likely be ready to use for specific functions long before all the bugs are worked out. Working with this process will give you access to critical features early so that you can continue to learn how to make the most of your software before all the components are technically ready for use.

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Wrap up

Now that you are aware of these common misconceptions, you will be better equipped to challenge them when investing in custom software. More than any other factor, however, identifying a qualified testing company will help make all the difference in determining how well your new software will address your specific needs. 

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