How big was the iGaming boom in the US during 2021?

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Whilst many would have been predicting rather big things from the iGaming industry over the course of 2021 throughout the entirety of the U.S., it might have been hard to predict just how big the boom that was experienced would turn out to be.

Of course, the last 12 months has been rather huge for the industry within the populous country as more and more states decided to introduce and pass legislation that allowed for sports betting and other gambling activities to be defined as being legal within their respective borders. This meant more and more individuals were looking at sites such as allstar casinos to find the very best options available to them and those that are incredibly safe and secure to use.

However, some may have not been able to foresee that the country would immediately become a driving force across the entire global online gambling industry and make an instant mark on the sector as a whole.

Figures managed to treble year-on-year

Indeed, some would point to the fact that the U.S. is one of the most populous countries in the world and that many of those who live there are rather passionate when it comes down to supporting their favourite teams in the sports that are played.

Nonetheless, whether anyone would have been able to predict some of the figures that were found to be reported across the entire market in 2021 would have been something even the most passionate of sports fans may have found hard to back.

According to data collected, full-scale regulated U.S. sports-betting revenue across 19 reporting states had more than trebled year-on-year to a huge $3.08bn in the 12 months to June 2021, with online gross gaming revenue also experiencing a huge amount of growth as it managed to leap by 312% to $2.61bn or 85% of the total.

How does each state compare?

When looking at the U.S. as a whole, it is important to break down the iGaming industry into each state to truly find out which region has had the biggest impact and has contributed most to the overall boom that has been experienced.

Indeed, it does not come as a surprise to learn that New Jersey is the top dog when it comes down to the single amount of revenue generated across online gambling, especially as the state got the ball rolling in regard to iGaming activities across the nation. According to figures, the state had accounted for $590 million (24.3%) of the $2.61 billion online total, which was ahead of Pennsylvania and by some distance, as they had accounted for $392m (16.2%).

Illinois, Colorado, Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia have each established themselves as key drivers in helping to successfully encourage the boom that has been experienced as they contributed a total of $888 million (36.6%) of total online sports betting gross gaming revenue collectively over the same period.

U.S. States bigger market than entire countries

The figures to have been reported above, including the estimated iGaming gross revenue of $2.92 billion over the same period that has been made up of almost just New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan, it has been estimated that the total U.S. online betting and gaming GGR totaled $5.53bn in the year to June 2021.

This figure would then see the U.S. be lifted above a number of countries including Italy and Australia into second place when making a country-level comparison of regulated online betting and gaming revenue globally. The only country to be bigger than America is its neighbour across the Atlantic Ocean: The United Kingdom, which for reference, remained more than double its size.

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Can the boom continue?

There will be questions regarding the huge iGaming boom that has already been experienced within the country and whether it will be able to continue in the coming years.

Indeed, there are several reasons that would suggest it could, as there will still be a number of states that could introduce bills that would allow for iGaming activities to be legal and, according to the latest forecasts, it is suggested that the industry could generate gross revenue of $20 billion or more by the time we enter 2025!

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