Electric vs Petrol Car: Which One Is Better? 

by whatsmind

When Carl Benz was working on the prototype of the petrol cars, he hardly thought that his invention would become so popular and would look like the cars we see now. If you think that Benz, Daimler, and other inventors worked on ICE cars only, you’re wrong.

Even though electric cars seem to be something new and unusual, the first EVs were introduced in the second half of the 19th century. Engineers and inventors of that time thought that cars would be no more than vehicles. However, modern car owners will disagree with this statement. Nowadays, cars are more than machines helping us to get to a certain place. Many people buy cars for self-expression. Finally, the car is an extension of you. If you change something in your appearance, your car will soon face changes too. 

Of course, you mainly use your vehicle to get from point A to point B, but you also can get in it and drive wherever you want to stay alone with your thoughts. If you think there’s no difference in what car to drive: EV or petrol, you’re deeply mistaken. Internal combustion engines have been serving us for a very long time, but the whole world is on the precipice of a great change. No matter how you like the sound of a petrol car and the emotions it gives, it’s time to make an important decision. All people who care about the environment will unanimously answer that EV is better. 

We want to be objective and aim to review the benefits of each type in this article. 

Electric Car: What Makes It Stand Out?

If you aren’t well-versed in cars, you’ll hardly differentiate EVs from petrol cars from the outside. The only thing that can turn on the electric car is the absence of a tailpipe. Cars are similar until you go deeper in detail and see what’s inside. As you understand, EVs’ motors are powered by batteries, and they lack the traditional components we used to see in petrol cars.

For example, a gas tank, starter, generator, oil pump, and exhaust system. In addition, the number of moving parts is low, so those car owners who used to do maintenance for own petrol car alone will need to visit a car maintenance station. Well, now you know a little more about EVs and are ready to gain an insight into their benefits.

  • Sustainable transport. The whole world is getting ready to shift to eco-friendly transportation, and it’s a good solution. Having a bike or scooter is cool, but these vehicles aren’t suitable for long rides. People think that EVs have no emissions, but recent studies busted this myth. They still emit gases but in smaller amounts, and it makes them safe for the environment. 
  • Natural resources are safe. Petrol cars are powered by gasoline, diesel, or gas. And all these types of fuel are fossil fuels. Electric vehicles use electricity to power up batteries and don’t use natural resources. 
  • Cheap and less frequent maintenance. EVs are perfect for students who don’t have extra money to spend on regular maintenance. You can freely benefit from delegating your papers to Superbgrade.com or proessays as many times a month as you want, and don’t be afraid that the money stops.
  • Quiet sound. We agree that some people are enjoying the sound of powerful petrol cars, but most people got tired of listening to the loud traffic sounds. If more people use EVs, we’ll finally get rid of this noise. 
  • EV owners can count on tax credits. Governments are interested in making people switch to electric cars; therefore, they offer some good tax credits for citizens who want to purchase EVs. 

What About Petrol Cars: Do They Have Any Future?

Internal combustion engines have served us well, and it’s a little sad to say goodbye to them. The harm they do to our environment leaves us no choice, but it doesn’t mean that fuel cars have no positive sides at all. We want to check the pros of petrol cars to be remembered.

  • Good purchase price. EVs are rather expensive, and their purchase price remains stable even several years after the car was manufactured. The initial price of petrol cars is usually lower; therefore, they are more affordable for people. 
  • The range is wider. Even though the number of electric cars has increased in recent years, all people understand that the choice of petrol ones is wider. Many well-known manufacturers and brands continue manufacturing petrol cars and start working on EVs at the same time. If you’re a picky person, you’ll hardly find a good car among the electric ones. It will be as difficult as finding a reliable writing service like midterm papers
  • ICE is more powerful. Tesla’s acceleration speed can argue with this statement, but the fact remains. No matter how fast EV can accelerate and ride, they still are far from having the power ICE has. Of course, we don’t exclude that one day the situation changes.

We can’t include all benefits of both car types here to discuss the topic in detail, but it’s obvious that EVs win this battle. The state of the environment is more important than the power of the engine and its sound, so the choice is obvious. 

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