A Beginner’s Guide to Car Shipping: What You Need to Know to Avoid Shipping Speed Bumps

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If you’ve bought a car on the other side of the country or you’re moving to a new city far away, car shipping makes the process more convenient. When you need to move a vehicle from A to B, hiring a company that meets your budget and needs is vital. Here’s a beginner guide that will see you on the road in no time. 

Not all car shipping companies are created equal

Choosing a car shipping company takes time, and you’ll want to start by comparing the services of a couple of different companies. It’s wise to read reviews and pick a reliable company with a good safety record, such as Guardian Auto Transport. The best car shipping companies offer trailers with open or closed sides, so you can choose if you want your car protected from the elements. 

The company you choose should accept credit or debit cards. Do not choose a company that requires you to wire cash or otherwise pay without a paper trail. 

Choose an open or closed trailer

If you have a classic or luxury car with a unique finish, choose a closed trailer to protect it from weather and road debris. Open trailers are less expensive to hire than closed ones because they do not provide the same level of protection. Closed trailers tend to cost about double the price of open trailers, but they’re worth it if you’re protecting an expensive paint job.

Drivers who aren’t concerned about the weather or road debris do not need to spend the extra for a closed trailer. Most car owners choose open-air trailers because the trailers are less expensive and readily available. When automakers deliver new cars to dealerships, most of them use open transports unless they send exotic or high-end luxury cars. 

Terminal delivery or door-to-door service

When you hire a car transport company, you can choose how to put your vehicle on the trailer. Some companies will pick up your vehicle at your home and deliver it to the address you specify. Other companies ask that you drive your car to a terminal, usually in a major city. Then, the driver will deliver it to a terminal near its final destination. 

If your car is riding on a large car carrier, you will most likely use the terminal delivery option. Large semi-trucks with car trailers cannot maneuver through residential streets to pick up everyone’s car. If your car shipping service uses a smaller trailer and a heavy-duty pickup truck to tow it, you should be able to choose door-to-door service. 

Document your car’s details before shipping it

You should take detailed photos and record previous damage before putting your car on a trailer for your protection. Accidents happen, and you will want proof that the shipper is responsible. If you don’t take pictures or record previous damage, the shipping company might not be liable if your car arrives with new scratches and dents. 

Wrap up

When you choose a reputable car shipping company with plenty of options, you can have peace of mind that your vehicle will arrive in good condition. Don’t forget to give the keys to the truck driver, just in case it needs to move to a new truck along the journey. 

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