What Job Industries Are Hiring Right Now?

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What Job Industries Are Hiring Right Now will be our main topic today. Did you know in October of 2021, there were 11 million job openings? With the pandemic, many people have been laid off, out of work, or looking for more secure opportunities.

If you are looking for a new career or looking for part-time work there are plenty of job opportunities available. Keep reading to find out the best job industries right now! 

Restaurant and Hospitality 

The next about What Job Industries Are Hiring Right Now? The restaurant and hospitality industry took a huge hit during the pandemic as many restaurants had to close. Now that the industry has picked back up, they are desperate for workers. 

With the need in the restaurant industry, you will be able to negotiate well with the employer. You have the opportunity to be picky with your hours and availability as they are desperate for people. 

This is a great industry for making connections, interacting with people, and waitressing is always a great skill to have. 


The housing market is in a great spot right now which means, a lot of renovation and building. If you are looking to get into a trade, now is the time. People are choosing less and less to go to trade school but, the demand is still there for electricians, plumbers, and contractors. 

As a tradesperson, you can work for a company or have your own business since trades are high in demand, there is a high amount of earning potential. 

Transportation and Logistics 

If you have read the news lately, you have probably seen the major issue with the supply chain. This is why many transportations and logistics companies are hiring. This includes warehouse workers and truck drivers. 

There are many trucking companies with benefits and huge sign-on bonuses. Some companies are even offering up to a $3,000 sign-on bonus and CDL truck driving training. There is always a need for truck drivers therefore this industry has a lot of job security. 


Retail is another industry like hospitality that is a great experience to have. Wherever you move, you can work in retail with little to no experience and, you can always pick it up part-time.

Since in-person retail stores have opened again, owners small and large have struggled with employee shortages. 

Pick your favorite store, they are most likely hiring, and you’ll probably get an employee discount!


You might not be knowing that healthcare field is expected to grow 16% over the next decade? The healthcare industry will add more jobs than any other field. There are many areas in healthcare to work whether it is administrative or direct care. 

Healthcare is an industry that doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. 

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Best Job Industries 

Last about What Job Industries Are Hiring Right Now? If you are looking for a career change or a part-time job be sure to consider these industries. The job market is always changing but when you are in some of the best job industries you can be sure to have security and peace of mind. 

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