5 Benefits of a Precious Metals IRA

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Nothing buys peace of mind like financial security. Without it, you struggle to sleep at night, you constantly feel stressed, and the future remains uncertain. 

While no investment method is without risk, some are definitely safer than others—and one of the safest is investing in a precious metals IRA.

Don’t believe us? Here are five benefits of a precious metals IRA.

1. Diversification 

Diversification helps minimize investment risk. Investing in precious metals is one way of diversifying outside of stocks, bonds, or cash. As the old saying goes, “Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.” 

You should not only diversify your investments, but you should also hold a diverse number of asset classes. So maintaining several different bonds and stocks or investments in various industries helps minimize risk when one sector does poorly. 

Even within a precious metals portfolio, you can further diversify. Gold is the most popular option, followed by silver. Platinum is scarcer than either one but is always in demand.

2. Tax Benefits

Precious metal IRAs usually receive the same tax benefits as a conventional IRA. That means contributions can be tax-deductible.  Any gains earned from a gold IRA or other precious metals IRA are not taxed until the funds are distributed to the taxpayer.

So, what is a precious metals IRA? They are pretty much the same as any IRA, except for the type of investments they hold. 

3. Safe Investment

Precious metals are a safe investment. For thousands of years, institutions and governments alike have ascribed value to metals like gold. 

Gold has a financial value, as well as value in industrial uses. Gold is malleable, has a high resistance to heat, conducts electricity, and doesn’t rust. 

Silver has industrial use in semiconductors, batteries, and water purification. In addition, luxury silver is turned into valuable jewelry and tableware.

Platinum is corrosion-resistant. It’s used in jewelry making and the automotive industry.

4. Home Storage Is Available

One of the unique aspects of a precious metals IRA is that home storage is available. The purchased metals must be stored in either a safety deposit box or a home safe. 

Needless to say, this method is more complicated than other methods due to the stringent regulations you need to follow.

For a deeper dive into home storage and all of the requirements for it, check out https://www.raremetalblog.com/precious-ira-home-storage/.

5. Self-Directed

Finally, precious metal IRAs are self-directed. No custodian is choosing what funds you are investing in. Ultimately, you are entirely in control of your investments.

For many investors, this is the biggest perk.

The Perks of a Precious Metals IRA

A precious metals IRA should be an essential part of any financial plan. Of course, no investment is foolproof, but opening an IRA for investing in precious metals is a great way to diversify your investments and safeguard your financial future.

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