3 Ideas to Make Your Garage Storage More Effective

by whatsmind

An estimated 93% of our nation’s homeowners use their garages for storage spaces and 84% of them use the space to park their vehicles as well. If you fall into this category, what does your garage look like?

Some people allow their garages to pile up with stuff. Eventually, the disorganization leads to it getting dirty because it becomes more difficult to clean with everything stuffed in.

Your garage is an extension of your home. Treat it as such by learning 5 effective car garage storage tips that will help you clean up.

1. Car Storage

Whether you park your car or store it in the garage, designate a space for it. Tape off this space so your tires do not spread dirt around constantly.

Keep your vehicle away from bikes and large tools. Keep enough space that you can get to anything you need without scraping the car.

Car storage requires a cover as well. Wash, wax, and dry it ahead of time.

2. Ceiling Bins

If the ceiling of your garage stands high above your head, it leaves a lot of open space. Utilize it!

Insert racks that hold bins you can categorize and store stuff in. It makes sense to store stuff you do not need to access often up here since it requires a ladder.

Double-check the security of your racks and bins. Do not store anything extremely heavy overhead as it could cause a fatal accident if anything did fail.

3. Wall Storage

Make the most of your garage storage space by using the walls! Cluttering the floor looks messy and creates tripping hazards.

You can utilize the walls in numerous ways. Get creative!

Built-In Work Bench

Many people work in their garages. A bulky tool bench takes up a lot of space though. Build yourself a fold-down workbench on the wall instead. 

Peg Board

Create a large pegboard space on the wall near your tool bench. The pegboard should sit out a couple of inches from the wall to leave space for hooks to hang.

Hooks can hold things like:

  • Tools
  • Paintbrushes and rollers
  • Dustpans

Hang baskets to hold:

  • Measuring tools
  • Calculators
  • Pencils
  • WD40

Put up cus for:

  • Washers
  • Nails
  • Screws

Organize it neatly and make everything readily accessible where you need it.


Build a wooden shelving system into a wall away from your car. High up, store your RB battery, fertilizer, and other items that must remain dry.

Store power tools that cannot hang on the pegboard on the middle shelves. Label bins for the bottom to keep balls and other outdoor toys.


Find space to install mounts. They will keep bulkier items out of your way. 

Hang bikes and plastic pools. Wall months can also work for things like baseball bats and hockey sticks.

Organize Your Car Garage Storage

A garage can easily turn into a cluttered mess. This can make things appear dirty, ding up your car, and cause injuries. Organize your car garage storage to make it a safe and productive space!

Looking for more ways to care for your vehicle? Find tips on our automobile page!

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