How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi and how it relates to your audience

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How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi will be our focal topic today. There’s a delay in your flights and you’re working to meet a deadline. The “Free Public Wi-Fi” sign at the end of the hallway next to the gate appears appealing, but you hesitate before you sign in. Don’t hackers lurk in public Wi-Fi areas, waiting for innocent users like you to let the floodgates open to your personal information?  

Yes, they are. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop using public Wi-Fi entirely. There are many options to secure yourself like Surfshark and your personal information when using public Wi-Fi that is free. We’ll discuss how hackers utilize public Wi-Fi networks to access your accounts.

Here in this article How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi, we’ll guide you through the steps to do to avoid being on their radars and safely browse regardless of whether it’s at an airport or in your mechanic’s shop, or even your favorite restaurant.  

Understand how hackers use public Wi-Fi  

The best way to defeat hackers is to be a hacker. Be one step ahead by knowing the ways that identity thieves and hackers attempt to profit from unwitting public Wi-Fi users.  

  • Fake hotspots  
  • Similar to luring kids into buying sweets, hackers are trying to lure you with an offer of no-cost, simple access to Wi-Fi. What’s the problem? They’re in control and they’re able to see every single thing your online activities.  
  • File sharing  
  • Hackers can make use of free file-sharing networks as well as AirDrops for infecting your PC with malware (malware) as well as other infections that create gaps in your system and allow them to infiltrate your system.  
  • System upgrade alerts  
  • It’s possible to think that doing an upgrade on your system will ensure your security however it could also be a hacker acting as the wolf in sheep’s skin. When you open an alert when you’re connected to Wi-Fi in public areas it’s possible to get a virus and not an upgrade.  
  • Peeping toms  
  • In simple terms, if you’re on the same network as hackers are able to see all your online activities and that includes the websites you browse, the passwords that you use, as well as the private information you provide. Armed with that information they could use it to get money out of your bank account set up fake accounts under your name and engage in a variety of other criminal acts.  

Consider safer alternatives to public Wi-Fi  

If you’ve concluded that it’s too risky to use public Wi-Fi and you’d prefer not to use the whole thing here are some alternatives that are safer to think about.  

  • Utilize free hotspots provided by your phone or cable company.  
  • Numerous companies are now offering customers valid account access to Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas.  
  • In your smartphone use the unlimited data plan.  
  • If you only want to connect to the Internet to play online games or browse social media, having unlimited internet on your smartphone is more secure rather than connecting to Wi-Fi in public.  
  • Make use of your smartphone as an individual hotspot.  
  • If you must utilize a tablet or computer you could use your smartphone as a hotspot for connecting to Wi-Fi, so you can manage your online business in private.  

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What can a VPN not shield you from?  

Wrapping up the topic How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi. They will secure your IP and secure your online history, it’s not the most they are able to accomplish. They will not protect you in the event that you browse on phishing websites or download files that are compromised. If you are using VPN, however, you are still at risk. VPN however, you’re still vulnerable to Trojans.  

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