Significance of Covid Certificate Verification in Elevating Traveling Sector

by Asjid Sahil

Understanding ‘Covid Certificates’

‘Covid certificates are the health related records that serve as a proof of being vaccinated, recovery status and PCR results for aged 12 and above.’

These documents are confined in with the personal details including first and last name, date of birth, testing facility details, batch number and certificate number as well as test and vaccination details alongwith date. Covid certification verification has been termed mandatory by every state and especially for travelers. Certificates are available in physical form and also digital form. Digital vaccine certificate verification is now gaining more importance as compared to the paper one. Coronavirus certificate verification is now a necessity for the travel sector to predict if passengers are healthy and do not possess any threat. As per the WTTC report, travel and tourism generates a big amount for the global GDP, 10.4% to be exact.  

Covid Certificates: Mandatory For Travelers

Covid certificates are free of charge and can be acquired electronically in PDF form or physically from various places both with a forgery-proof QR code. To verify vaccine certificates travel agencies require submission one day before traveling. So much so that according to the instructions, it is made compulsory for the companies and crews to check the medical documents to verify covid certificates. Furthermore, during boarding, the crews cross-check documents of the customers. Covid certificate;

  • Is valid for a limited and personalized 
  • Is verified by photo identification tallying with ID cards and passports 
  • Provides a new way for boarding, cutting down difficulties 
  • Contains personal details with QR code
  • Can be digitally verified
  • Indicates required health concerns 
  • Is a must for traveling inter and intra state and alos for tourist. 

Significance of Digital Covid Certificate Verification 

The digitization of systems has made carrying out verification much easier. An automated solution for covid certificates authentication is serving as a viable tool as it is mitigating the probability of fraudulent invasions. Verifying certificates has led to beforehand identification of scams which caused the USA, 382 million dollars and 45,859,987 million dollars to the U.K.

Off-Airport Checks

By verifying the certificates of the passenger before their arrival at the airports or terminals can minimize the on place hassle. Passengers are directed to upload the certificates on respective websites which are then matched within the records and during that identification is also carried out. With this, when the passenger comes for onboarding they just have to show their certificates and IDs and then move on. 

Free Movement

The free movement of citizens has been made a reality by free of cost ‘digital covid certificate’ which is valid in all EU countries. National authorities have placed the healthcare or testing centre in charge of issuing these certificates which can be stored in digital form. This will allow the citizens to travel freely in EU countries in case they are not vaccinated, the certificate will act as a green card.

Contactless Customer Experience

Travel services and hotels try to provide their customers with the best possible assistance to ensure their satisfaction and positive experience. The post-pandemic time has made processes touchless. The tourists or passengers won’t agree upon touching machines for verification concerning their health. To ensure that companies verify vaccine certificates, many countries including the UK have introduced laws mandatory to comply with. With digital solutions tourists and passengers can get their PCR and vaccine certificates verified remotely and take advantage of contactless check-ins. By doing so, businesses can not only verify their customers beforehand but can also comply with the health standards.

Protection and Identification

By verifying covid certificates, companies identify their customer adhering with the Know Your Customer (KYC) standards. Millions of people travel globally on a regular basis, what if they are covid virus carriers? Health of the rest of the travelers will be put at stake. To curtail this high risk imposing situation, certificates of vaccination, recovery and PCR should be obtained and in-depthly checked. If someone carries a fake passport, the fraudster can be identified by matching the information on the ID card and covid certificate with the one on the passport and vice versa.  

Altogether Now

Every industry and business is fighting its part to overcome the severe damages pandemic is causing among which travel and tourism are the most affected but with covid certificate verification it can somehow prevent them. Countries like Macau and Maldives largely depend on tourism, which generates 50.2% and 32.5% respectively of the total GDPs, to resume normality, digital vaccines certificate verification can serve as a cure. In a nutshell, these industries have lost fortunes from the great losses. This can be well taken under control by incorporating solutions like coronavirus certificate verification, off-airport identification, validity checks of customers and free movement. 

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