Is it worth deleting from Instagram in order to loudly declare yourself?

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Social networks have become an ideal channel for communication and promotion of your business. It is through social networks that a larger number of clients come today in almost any business. As, Is it worth deleting from Instagram is the focal topic.

Many even buy Instagram followers at first to grow their audience. The fact that people spend money on promotion on social networks speaks of their great confidence that this is the best way to make money.

Therefore, Instagram algorithms change with enviable consistency, as soon as you adjust to one algorithm, a new one immediately appears. It’s profitable. You probably know that Instagram has introduced censorship and now the content will be filtered and moderated using artificial intelligence? More specifically, the content will now be divided into: recommended, not recommended and prohibited.

If the algorithm considers your post to be malicious, and subscribers’ complaints are added to this, you will no longer be shown not only in the feed, but also by hashtags. And if there are too many complaints, the account will simply be blocked. Thus, our existence on social networks turns into a race for survival. In order not to lose the audience, you have to buy real Instagram followers.

What to do?

Recapitulating about Is it worth deleting from Instagram? So maybe you should invest, for example, in the development of your brand, website and communicate with customers in online chat, develop a corporate blog, arrange personal meetings and open days in your company?

Removing your business from social media threatens significant losses and can severely damage a brand’s reputation. A dead account equates to a dead company. Leaving social networks will be an indicator that you are not doing well. This is a step back. No other platform today provides this kind of engagement and engagement with consumers.

But on the other hand, leaving loudly is also a great reason to declare yourself. This is exactly what many accounts of famous brands do, writing in their posts on Instagram that they are leaving social networks and moving on to building direct communications with customers.

As a rule, users are surprised that accounts with several million subscribers leave the social media market and go offline. This usually causes a lot of resonance. In some cases, users become interested in such brands because they support a life without social networks, and this is now a fairly popular trend in productivity and live communication.

Time will tell whether other brands will follow. Who knows, perhaps the massive removal of large companies and accounts from social networks will turn into a kind of flash mob and affect the development of some fundamentally new direction.

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Last, about Is it worth deleting from Instagram? After reading this article, consider whether you can stop using social media for at least a few weeks. Of course, for most modern people, this will be a rather difficult test. However, we recommend that you try this challenge. If you can do this, then most likely you will enjoy the experience because you will become more productive and have time to do a lot of important things in a few days.

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