Missing the Office? You Are Not the Only One

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Do you find yourself missing the office? Many people continue to find themselves working remotely having started when lockdown restrictions were imposed in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Opinion appears to be split on continuing with home working or returning to a communal workplace. While there are undeniable benefits to remote work, many are now finding themselves missing office life, especially with so many other aspects of life getting back to normal. 

A Study 

Banner printing specialists instantprint recently surveyed 1,000 UK employees to find out what people’s opinion on returning to the office and remaining remote was. This revealed some interesting insights into the UK’s thoughts on work and why many employers are looking to a hybrid model to keep both camps happy. 

Opinion Split 

The survey revealed that 36% of employees working from home wanted to continue doing so forever. Nearly a quarter (24%) were keen to return to the office on a part-time basis with the option of working remotely most of the time, and 20% wanted to return to the office immediately. This shows that it is a subject that splits opinion and is only complicated by the pandemic. 

Benefits of Remote Work 

As we are discussing about Missing the Office. Many people have found that working remotely can improve their life in several ways and productivity has improved in many cases. The main benefit of remote work is that there is no commute, which can give people a lot more time in their day whether this is spent doing chores, relaxing or simply getting some extra time in bed. Additionally, it provides a greater work-life balance, saves money and allows people to work comfortably each day with no dress code.  


Despite the benefits of remote work, it is not suited to everyone and many people struggle with it. The drawbacks can include a lack of separation between work and home, a decrease in social interaction and more distractions, and these can contribute to mental health challenges

What People Miss About the Office  

The instantprint survey revealed there were also aspects of office life that people are now missing. Small talk came out on top with 33% of respondents stating they had missed chatting with colleagues, along with the social side of work (31%), and gossip (31%). Other aspects that people have missed include taking a proper lunch (26%) and the tea/coffee round (24%).  

This shows that the social side of working in an office is a major pull factor, especially when people have been spending so much more time at home due to social restrictions during the pandemic. 

However, many people have purchased a dog or another pet during lockdown and returning to the office is a cause for concern (10%). 

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What People Do Not Miss About the Office 

Last about Missing the Office. Of course, there are a few things about returning to the office that people are not looking forward to. The commute is a major factor as this can take up time, mental energy and money. Other aspects people miss the least include office politics, a dress code and noise/distractions. 

The pandemic has clearly changed things forever, and the workforce is largely split on remote work and returning to the office. This is why hybrid working is emerging as the new preferred model, as it can keep both groups happy. 

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