The Different Types of Sump Pumps – Find the Right One For your Home

by Asjid Sahil

Is your basement is at risk of getting flooded during rainfall? If yes, then you should understand the importance of a sump pump. A reliable sump pump quickly drains out water and prevents your basement from getting flooded. Moreover, it lessens the growth of mildew and molds and improves indoor air quality.

Different types of the sump pump are available in the market with great variety and features. However, to make it easy for you to choose a sump pump for your basement here is a sump pump guide that will help you know the exact difference between different types of sump pumps.

Submersible pump

The word ” submersible” itself indicates that these pumps are completely submerged inside the sump pit. This sump pump features a high-power motor, thus easily pumps a huge amount of water in just an hour. Although, the submersible pumps are pretty expensive, but work efficiently and conserve more space making it visually pleasing.

Pedestal sump pump

These pumps are highly durable and last for more than 25-30 years. Although, the pedestal pumps have excellent horsepower, but comparatively causes lesser noise than any other sump pump. If you have a smaller pit, then getting a pedestal pump is an ideal choice, as it doesn’t occupy much space. As these sump pumps are not much powerful, hence can’t pump a large amount of water in an hour.

Battery backup sump pump

Battery backup sump pumps are pretty useful during any emergency in case of a power blackout. Although these pumps work on electricity but feature an additional battery that acts as a lifesaver when the power goes out. In fact, these sump pumps are similar to a submersible sump pump along with a battery attached to it. However, the battery backup sump pump can’t be operated like the usual sump pump but surely makes a difference during the crisis.

Combination sump pump

Combination sump pumps are more beneficial and protect your home from unexpected flood and water damage. This sump pump includes two types of pump: primary and backup pump incorporated in a single compact system. Make sure to keep an eye on your combination sump pump every 4-6 months, especially during heavy rainfall. Also, these sump pump comes with user-friendly control features like an automatic alarm system, making it easy for you to access the pump at your convenience.

Water-powered sump pump

Even though a water-powered sump pump is not often used but surely offers some unique features. These pumps don’t require electricity to fully operate, making them extremely convenient to use. However, it’s pretty much costly to use a water-powered sump pump, as you need to provide extra water to create enough pressure to pump-out excess water from the sump pit.


Sump pumps are worth investing in and takes off the burden of the basement getting flooded. Out of these five sump pumps, choose the one, that is reliable and protects your basement from getting damaged.

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