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As compared to all OS software Android is quite a famous operating system. It mainly knows about the massive ecosystem of apps. While using mobile phones mostly we don’t need specific contact listing apps but somehow these apps are quite useful. Generally, we save contacts of our family and friends at regular intervals but mistakenly sometimes save the same number twice.

When one looks at the contact number and gets a few duplicates. Some pre-existed contact listing apps are capable of operating basic stuff. So in some situations, for using the latest features, the user needs to rely on third-party contact listing apps. One can easily avail unique features like creating a backup, caller ID, better filters and duplicate finder, etc by using contact listing apps. We have nominated some of the ideal contact listing apps for your smartphones. Let’s have a look

·         Google contacts:

If you are an android user or using a Google phone then there is no need to install any other contact listing app because it comes built-in in those phones. So far, Google is one of the best free contact listing apps that can be used on your mobile phones. It automatically syncs all saved contacts to the Gmail address book and also users have the opportunity to add labels on every contact.

·         Simple contacts:

As names recommend this is one of the extremely simple contact listing apps available on the Google Play Store. Although it is open-source and promises that they don’t follow already saved contacts. Simple contact provides customization options like adding colors, managing contact fields and changing the dialer, etc.

·         Smart contacts:

If one of you is looking for a smooth and easy way to get access to all contacts then you should try one smart contact. This contact listing app is basically famous for its customization option. It offers all basic contact management features like duplicate contact finder, and continuous contact suggestions, etc.

·         Contact optimizer:

This is quite a reliable contact listing app that can remove duplicate contact numbers automatically and after that optimize them according to your dialing choice. This app enables the user to find and remove duplicate numbers automatically.

·         Contact+:

This is one of the most famous contacts listing apps that can one used on an android smartphone. Contact+ is being used to manage contacts, calls, SMS in one place. Mobile app Development company manufactured accessible applications on different platforms via unique technology to make them more worthy, beneficial, and user-friendly. It also offers users a tabbed interface for managing contacts-related items.

·         FullContact Address Book:

This contact listing app syncs all scattered stored data in different Gmail or iCloud accounts. It will provide access to the information of contacts in 5 different Gmail and iCloud accounts. Mobile app development services include content management services and custom web application development, etc. This FullContact Address Book can also load the social profile linked with your contacts.

·         My Contacts:

My contact is worth trying once if you want to list the contacts of your friends and family. It gathers all information in one place. The user-friendly interface makes it super easy to use.

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