The Future Is A Metaverse

by whatsmind

This whole concept of a multiverse and its subsequent realities is straight out of a science fiction novel or a movie. In actual fact, it was science fiction until quite recently. Facebook may have just taken more than just a step closer to its metaverse. An important part of this whole multiverse domain is the creation of Apps. Elegant Media is a forward-thinking App development company that is well-versed in the art of creating Apps that win awards. Everyone knows that mobile development is the extension of collaboration on your smart device and is needed to complete the entire experience of accessibility. 

Mobile application development is an important part of any reality since it bridges consumers and products together. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Valve, and many others are taking part in this domain with the Wall Street journal valuing the business of metaverse at 1 trillion US dollars. What should be regarded with a sense of seriousness is how augmented reality and virtual reality are not just terms that belong in an academic paper but are in use today. Small companies will be manufacturing the software and hardware that can be used in these virtual worlds. The huge popularity of cryptocurrencies and NFTs should give an indication of how technology is going to change life as we know it.

While multiverses like Roblox are big business with even musical concerts taking place in a different reality, it is a matter of time before there is a transition to a complete universe that is virtual. We already appreciate how virtual reality and augmented reality are complementing actual reality as we know it. Not only are the benefits very real from a marketing standpoint or even from an advertising angle, but there will be so much more in terms of possibilities in the future.

Whether it is Microsoft Hololens or Google Cardboard, there are plenty of tools and hardware that can provide you an entry into a brand-new universe. Apple and Valve are testing out the next generation of devices and applications. Although the complete development and deployment of these devices seem a few years off, it is still very much reality. The only downside is cost. As technology improves and utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning becomes more mainstream the unit cost at the end of the day will become much cheaper and it will be far more accessible to all of us.

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