Top tips on selling your home over Christmas

by whatsmind

Selling a house can be stressful at the best of times, so choosing the optimum time to put your home on the market is key to securing a satisfying sale.

With festive cheer in the air and families off work during the holidays to make time for viewings, there’s no better time to consider getting your home ready to sell.

In this article, we share our top tips on how to prepare your house for the market over the Christmas period.

Festive décor

If there’s one thing to help spread the Christmas spirit upon viewing a house in December, it’s the addition of festive decorations. Having a beautifully decorated Christmas tree as a center stage to greet your guests in your living room will show families just how special their Christmas could be if they were to purchase your house. It’s also good to consider having the fire on, the smell of fresh baking, and cozy lighting such as table lamps to give a warm and welcoming glow to your home on a dark winter’s evening.

Remove personal items

While it’s perfectly fine for your home to look lived in, it’s important to maximize its appeal to potential buyers. Sometimes having too many personal items around can disguise the stripped-back beauty of a home. It’s essential that you tidy away anything that could be deemed clutter, such as children’s toys, clothes, and shoes, to make your house look as idyllic as possible to an array of different viewers.

Hire a professional photographer

The photos you use to advertise your home can either have a profoundly positive effect on your home or quite the opposite. Hiring a property photographer is the best way to maximize your chances of raising interest and securing the best possible offers on your home. Be sure to take the time to do your research and find a professional who specializes in home photography, as it can be notoriously tricky to represent house size and space in photos.

However, be aware that professional property photographers can be expensive, so assess your household’s long-term financial situation before committing to any contracts associated with selling your home.

It’s all about lighting

In addition to hiring a photographer, you may wish to consider booking two slots for your photos: a day slot and a night slot. This is the best way to capture your home when there is natural light flooding the rooms within your home, but it can also be a nice touch to get a festive outdoor photo of your home. In the evening, with warm lamplight from inside shining through the windows, your property will look welcoming and exude a cozy feel sure to attract buyers.

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