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6 Useful Products To Take On Your Next Hiking Trip

Even if you’re just a weekend hiker who seeks thrills and outdoor activities, you should always be careful not to go unprepared. And as much as we think that we know how to go hiking, we may still forget some important stuff that can save our life when in the middle of a hiking trip. So, here are some of them.

1. Walking stick seats

You may think that this is just a real walking stick, but it’s actually something much more than that. This kind of seat can be used not only for sitting down while resting, but also as an emergency chair if ever you need to keep your backpack or other things up in the air.

With using them all the time when hiking, there are certain tips about stick seats is that you should take note of. First thing first; always hold one end-portion of your stick while hiking so that you won’t lose balance when sitting down (unstable ground can be a big factor when it comes to this). Second; make sure that you secure your stick on the ground in front of you so that it won’t slip.  This will help you rest and prepare for whatever hike or trail that will come next.

2. Cooling towel

Hiking can drain you out of all your strength and energy due to the surrounding heat. But if you have a cooling towel in your backpack, you can easily cool yourself down even when the weather is hot. As much as this product may seem like an ordinary towel, it’s actually made up of special fabric that will make you feel like you’re standing under cold waterfalls.

And since these towels are very easy to be carried around due to its size and weight, you can easily take them with you wherever you go. It doesn’t matter if the trail is long or short; having something like this at hand can save your life when hiking becomes too much for us. Living healthy and hiking sometimes need some extra tools to help in that journey, so you should always get the things you need in order to be safe.

Carbon 60 (C60):

Muscle fatigue is a common problem among hikers that often leads to injury and pain. Hikers who experience muscle fatigue may be less likely to complete their hike or they may stop before reaching their destination due to pain and discomfort associated with physical activity. Luckily, there are ways we can prevent our muscles from becoming fatigued during hikes!

C60 is a very useful product that you can’t do without. Start getting to know what is C60 made of and what benefits it has. Maybe after that, it will become part of your daily life. You can take it with you on hikes and help yourself reach your goals by reducing muscle fatigue.

3. Emergency blanket

This is another very useful product that you can’t take hiking without having. This may seem like a regular cloth when you first look at it, but when the weather starts to turn worse and your body needs warmth, you can use this as a shelter against cold. Don’t worry though about how it looks like or if it’s too small for you because these things are usually made according to its purpose. 

So rather than using expensive blankets, why not go for one of these? And since emergencies happen in the most unexpected times during hiking trips, make sure that you have at least two of these with yourself. An emergency blanket can also save your life if you’re getting too tired from the trails and require a break to stop from falling sick.

4. Handheld GPS locator

If ever your cellphone doesn’t get any signal while on a trail, then having this is something very important. This device functions similarly to a compass, which will help you find directions when lost. However, not all GPS locators are made with the same quality because some are more advanced than others are. So make sure that you buy one of the best handheld GPS locators in the market to avoid getting lost during your trip.

You can usually find these devices at cheap prices online or in retail stores near you, so why not invest on something like this, especially when it’s about saving our life? A GPS locator will also help you find your way back to civilization, and it can even guide you on the safest route, since most of them have glowing maps.

5. First Aid Kit 

This may seem like an ordinary kit for most people, but do you know that having a first aid kit is already part of being prepared while hiking? This is something that every hiker should always have, since accidents happen in unexpected times.

The reason behind this is that injuries and accidents happen in the most unexpected time during hikes, so we need to always be prepared for such things.  So rather than buying new kits now and then, you should  invest on a kit that has all the necessary things for an emergency. And if ever you want to find a kit that has more items in it, then always look for the kits that are made up of waterproof materials.

6. Multi-tool knife

When it comes to knives, people think that they all do the same thing and have the same design. But actually, this isn’t true because some knives can do more than just cutting stuff while others may look like a regular tool but is very useful while having fun during our outdoor activities.

One example of this is multi-tools, which are made up of kinds of tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, saws, and other useful things. What makes these tools better than the regular knives is that they can even help us survive in any kind of situation. So if you don’t want to bring big knives with yourself during trips, then this is another perfect alternative for you!

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Why should you pick out things carefully when going hiking?

Choosing the right kinds of items for your next hiking trip can be very helpful, especially when you are on a tight budget. However, some people don’t give it that much of a thought and end up wasting their money on things that they may never even use because not all things we buy are made to last. So rather than using our money to purchase these unnecessary and expensive products, why not invest on something like this instead. It is also a matter of safety here because choosing the right items can help us prevent any kind of accident that may happen. So always remember to pick only the best and helpful items for your next hiking trip!

6 Useful Products To Take On Your Next Hiking Trip
Hiking Trip

As a final thought, always remember that hiking is a fun outdoor activity that everyone should enjoy. But you shouldn’t forget to prepare for it as well because it’s more fun if you are confident on how to keep yourself safe while enjoying your hike. 

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