How to choose an engagement ring

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Giving your partner their engagement ring can be an emotional milestone in life. As an item your partner will wear almost 24/7 and a representation of your loving relationship, it’s worth getting the ring right. But with a dizzying array of options and trends that come and go, it can be difficult making a choice.

Jewelers and ring experts are often more than willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to helping you finalize your choice, but it’s always better to go in with some prior knowledge so you can narrow down the choices as to not be overwhelmed on the day. Below, we take a look at essential considerations before you explore the engagement rings on offer. 

When to look

It can be difficult to know exactly when to begin your search for the perfect ring as it can be hard to keep the secret from your significant other for too long, but you also don’t want to rush into it. Most experts suggest you begin looking two to three months before you pop the question in order to give yourself adequate time to scout out the features you think you want and make sure you’ve assessed all your options. This will also give jewelers the time to order in specifics if you’re placing a custom order or resize your ring if necessary. 

Look at your budget

There’s no set amount that you need to spend on an engagement ring. Ideally, you should look at your budget and work out what you can realistically afford. Your partner will likely be happier with a ring that costs a little lost than one that puts you in financial uncertainty so avoid falling victim to price gouging and shaming. For some people, a rule of thumb is to spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring. But ultimately, it’s best to work in a price range that’s appropriate for you. 

Consider the color

The color is vital for a ring too. Of course, you can always go for a traditional gold or silver ring, but there are other vibrant colors out there too. From inky blues to deep emeralds and even a dazzling pink, there’s a wide selection of options out there. But what color would suit your partner? Consider the type of clothes they like to wear and what might complement those outfits. Alternatively, you can simply recall their favorite color too!

Ensuring the band and jewel color complement each other will guarantee a seamless-looking ring, but if your partner has a more eccentric style then choosing colors that may not traditionally be seen together is a great way to ensure a super individualized ring. Consider looking up ring trends from their current era, or the current year if they’re fashion-forward, to get ideas of what to look for in your prospective rings. 

Remember the four Cs

Some people use the four Cs as a guideline for purchasing a ring. This refers to four considerations you should look at: cut, color, clarity, and carat. It’s an especially useful system if you’re hoping for a diamond ring. 

The cut refers to the shape or size of the stone in the ring – your choice can often depend on the lifestyle of your partner. The next C is the color, and as discussed above, there’s plenty of choices. Clarity refers to how clean the diamond appears to the naked eye. Meanwhile, carat is the measurement of the weight of the diamond, this is the factor that will most heavily influence the price of the ring as heavier diamonds are rarer. When purchasing your ring it’s worth bringing these four aspects together to make the right choice.


What does your partner do day-to-day? This can have some impact on the ring you choose. Medical professionals will want to avoid large stones as they can potentially breakthrough plastic gloves. Meanwhile, very active people will need something practical. Choosing a ring that matches your partner’s lifestyle will ensure they can wear it day in, day out without fear of it breaking or becoming lost. It can also help ensure the lifespan of your ring is increased as it will remain in better condition for a longer period.


As discussed before, incorporating your partner’s personality into a ring can help you choose one that they will love but adding an extra aspect of personalization can really help your ring show just how much they mean to you. Having your names or a special word or symbol engraved into the center of the ring will help it be all that more meaningful, in a way only the two of you will know about.

Choosing that engagement ring can be a difficult choice. But by sticking to these tips you should be able to find the ideal ring for your ideal partner. 

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