Reasons For Changing Air Filters by Atlanta AC Repair Companies

by Asjid Sahil

It is the understanding of many people that air filters are only present in an air conditioning unit. But air filters are also an essential part of gas furnaces as well. This means that it can be considered a component of indoor comfort services because the maintenance of both AC and gas furnaces will preserve the excellent air quality inside the house.

Air Filters as a Part of Indoor Comfort Services

Air filters are made from either paper or fiberglass spun or folded, which is confined in a cardboard box. The primary purpose of an air filter is to clean the air that enters the house from all kinds of allergens, pollutants, dirt, and dust particles, and danders that circulate throughout the house. When the air is purified from the contaminations mentioned above, then the environment inside the house will be comfortable.

When is the Right Time for Changing Air Filters?

The changing of air filters depends on the size of the house and the presence of pets. Typically, air filters should be replaced after three months, but the following three situations have to be considered.

  1. The air filters in the house having no pets should be changed after a month.
  2. Replacement of air filters becomes necessary after every forty days when there are pets in the house.
  3. A small house without pets can have air filters changed within three months of its installation.
Why Changing Air Filters is Necessary Explained by Atlanta AC Repair Companies

It has been mentioned that air filters have the primary objective to clean and purify the air, but these filters also have other benefits when the dirty ones are changed. If people are experiencing the following issues, then replacing air filters becomes essential.

Energy BIlls Constantly Increasing

If you notice a constant increase in electric and gas bills, it might suggest that the filters are clogged with dirt, allergens, and other pollutants. The HVAC system has to put in more effort to blow air through the dirty air filters, thus increasing the number of energy bills.

Uneven Distribution of Air

When the air in one part of the house is more relaxed or warmer than in other rooms, then one of the reasons is that the air filters are not working correctly. According to HVAC companies like Indoor Comfort Solutions INC, dirty air filters will not allow air to pass through properly. This is the reason for the change in the temperature in different rooms.

Disturbance of Indoor Comfort

The clogged air filters will prevent proper circulation of air and make the air inside stale because the pollutants reach the rooms through the HVAC system. To comprehensively clean or replace the air filters, you can hire companies providing heat & air repair in Atlanta because they have the right tools and skills to give the services you require.

Diseases and Allergies Occur More Often

The leading cause of allergies is the presence of pollutants and allergens in the air. Viruses, germs, and bacteria cause diseases. If you observe that allergic reactions are occurring more often, then it means that air filters are not working correctly.

Repair Expenses Growing Gradually

Unclean air filters will affect the working of other parts of the HVAC system, and they might break down more often; thus, increasing the repair expenses.

Replacement of HVAC Unit Sooner than Expected

When the parts of the HVAC unit are repaired quickly, you have to be prepared for the replacement sooner than you might have expected. You should be ready to bear the expenses of replacing some parts or the whole HVAC system.

You should have understood by now that changing the air filters of the HVAC system is a part of indoor comfort services because they help with the maintenance of good health by improving the air quality inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get sick from not changing the air filter?

Yes, you will get sick if you neglect to change because the pollutants, dirt particles, viruses, bacteria, and germs get stuck in the air filter and are the causes of many diseases and illnesses. 

Is it better to have a dirty air filter or no air filter?

This is a lose-lose situation in which both will have severe health consequences like allergic reactions and asthma. So, if you have not cleaned the air filters in quite some time, hire HVAC companies to clean them comprehensively.

What are the signs of a dirty air filter?

There are specific indications that the air filters are dirty and must be cleaned immediately or changed if necessary. The energy bills are increasing, air distribution is uneven, air quality has deteriorated, and repairs and replacement expenses have occurred quicker than expected are a few signs that the air filters are dirty.

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