How to Fix a Brake Light: A Step by Step Guide

Sometimes, we get so busy that even little things feel too big to address. But when it comes to your safety in a car, little things add up. For example, did you know that rear-end collisions account for 40% of car crashes in the United States?

Yet taking time to fix a brake light should be a bigger priority. But then, booking an appointment to replace brake lights seems a lot of effort. So why not learn how to fix brake lights instead?

If you are not sure you have the skills to complete simple car maintenance, keep reading. Here’s a step-by-step guide for a straightforward brake light fix to get you on your way.

What You Will Need

The first thing you will need to do is buy the correct bulb for your type of car. You can buy bulbs for most models at a local parts supplier. Or, look here for repair centers that can sell you parts or fix a brake light while you wait.

Once you have the bulb, you will also need a screwdriver, socket set, and small players. Next, you will need to park your car in a flat, well-lit area to make the brake light fix easier. Finally, have the back of your car facing a garage door or surface where you can see the lights reflecting. 

Pop the Trunk Open

Now with the trunk open, locate the area where the car light will sit. The trunk area will have a fiberglass covering with plastic pins holding it in place. Using your plyers, remove the pins with care and set them somewhere safe.

Pull back the covering, and you will see the car light housing. You may need a screwdriver or a socket wrench to free the housing from the frame. When the housing is loose, gently pry the headlight from the car’s frame.

You will see wires leading to the socket that holds the bulb on the back of the housing. The remaining procedure is the most straightforward part. Twist the socket 90 degrees to loosen and remove the faulty bulb.

Replace the burned-out car light with the new bulb and fit the light housing back against the car frame. Before you reconnect everything, test your tail light to make sure the new one works. Then, turn the car on and depress the brake while looking at the reflective surface in the back.

Once you know, the brake light fix worked, screw the light housing back into place, and recover the trunk area. Next, put the plastic pins back in with the cover fitting in place. Replacing brake lights was that simple.

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You Can Now Fix a Brake Light

Simple car maintenance is a big part of car ownership. Knowing how to complete a simple brake light fix can save you money and possible injury.

So pat yourself on the back for learning how to fix a brake light. You should feel good that you have taken precautions to ensure your safety. And if you found this article illuminating, come back for helpful tips.

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