How to Reassure Your Employees During Turbulent Times Across Your Business

by whatsmind

No matter how efficient your organisation may be, unfortunately, it can hit bumps in the road at any time. When these issues arise, it’s essential to tackle them head-on and do everything in your power you resolve them quickly and quietly, ensuring your business’s reputation comes out unscathed.  

For those whose job it is to tackle these sorts of problems first hand, you often head into these scenarios with total clarity. But the employees involved may be confused, upset and possibly even in fear of losing their entire careers.  

So what’s the best way to resolve these situations to restore harmony once more? In this article, we explore the ways in which you can reassure your employees during turbulent times across the business.  

Gain a full understanding  

Before you can take any action, the first thing you need to do is gain a full understanding of the situation at hand, and figure out exactly what events have led to it unfolding. It’s important to remain calm and unbiased at all times, and to listen carefully to all staff members involved to ensure they feel valued and heard, as opposed to judged or in trouble.  

Make a clear plan of action 

Once you have a detailed account from all involved, including the testimony of any nearby witnesses, you can then begin to create a plan of action to resolve the issue. Remember the aim is to do this as discretely as possible so as not to disrupt the rest of your company.  
Consider all options that can help to smooth this problem out and prevent it from happening again in the future. This could include encouraging open and honest discussions in team 121 progress meetings, or even implementing a restructuring program to mix things up a little within the teams to see if it helps alleviate some of the internal pressures that have led to the disruption.  

Honest Communication 

Be sure to use open and honest communication with every team member involved to reassure everyone that you’re fully committed to smoothing out the issue that has occurred. It’s important not to leave anyone in the dark when it comes to addressing what has unfolded. Be honest with your team about exactly what has happened, but don’t divulge any unnecessary or private details of the event. Keep it concise and informative. This will maintain the trust and respect of your workers while the issue is being investigated. 

Discuss potential exit plans  

It’s never an easy conversation to have, however, some incidents can and will result in certain employees losing their position within the company. If a team member’s job security is at risk, try not to hide this from them. Honesty and empathy are integral at this point. Although you have to be upfront about the potential for an exit plan to be put in place, it’s also important that you demonstrate sensitivity towards the situation.  
Care, honesty and thinking of your employees when faced with a business wide problem can help your business come out the other side unscathed and let your team know that you’re remaining professional and aware of their needs. Everything a good and successful company should be. 

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