This Is How to Ride an Electric Bike the Right Way

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Did you know that 103.7 million Americans ride bikes? It’s a great alternative to walking/jogging, as it gets you places faster, takes you further, and also works out different parts of your body.

But for some people, they don’t have the stamina to make long trips. In that case, electric bikes are something to look into!

If this sounds like a good idea for you, then you might be wondering about how to ride an electric bike. Here’s a short guide!

How to Set Up Your Electric Bike

Before you can get on the road, you need to set up your electric bike correctly. Otherwise, you might find yourself without power when you need it the most.

As you might’ve guessed, these bikes are powered by batteries. So make sure yours is fully charged before you set out.

Once you’ve inserted the battery into your bike, you’ll then need to turn it on so it can provide power. There’s usually a switch on the battery itself.

Check the light signal on the battery to confirm that it’s charged up. Now turn on the control display located on your handlebar.

The rest of electric bike safety is the same as you’d do for a regular bike. Check your tire pressure, put on your helmet, etc.

How to Ride an Electric Bike

What’s great about electric bikes is you can switch between using battery power, pedaling manually, or a hybrid.

When you first set off, your bike will be in manual mode. This means you’ll move forward solely on pedaling.

If you get tired or need to get somewhere quick, you can switch to pedal assist. You’ll still power the bike by pedaling, but the electric bike will boost that power. The best electric bike will have several pedal assist modes for you to choose from.

Lastly, you can set your bike to throttle only if you’re very tired or need to power through steep hills and/or strong winds. As with the other modes, you’ll still have to pedal, but it’ll barely be any effort on your part, thanks to the electric bike’s tech.

Electric bikes will feel different from regular bikes, so take it slow on your first few trips. Get a feel for how the entire bike feels, as well as how the brakes respond (they’ll generally be harder to engage, especially if you have a heavier bike).

Ride Safely

Now you know how to ride an electric bike. Buying one can be quite pricey, so it’s good that you know how to ride one properly. This can help keep you safe on the road and also reduce wear and tear on your purchase.

So if you love cycling but feel like you can’t keep up as well as you used to, consider buying an electric bike. It’ll allow you to get some fresh air, but without exerting yourself!

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