5 Amazing Facts about PSM Training!

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PSM Training or Professional Scrum Master Training is one of the most popular certification courses related to product development. However, few people know much about the course, what it means, and how to undertake it. Today, we are going to talk about a few facts that will give you a glimpse into everything PSM training is about!

1.   The PSM Certification is provided by the Scrum Organization:

The Scrum Framework was made by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, the latter of whom founded the Scrum Organization. The Scrum Organization now is responsible for defining the principles of the Scrum Framework, providing certifications for various Scrum-related positions, and lastly administering the examinations required to attain these certifications.

2.   There are Three Levels of This Certification:

Just completing your PSM training is not the end of the journey. For those who want to continue learning more about Scrums and the roles of a Scrum Master, the Professional Scrum Master Training course is divided into three levels. These three levels are called PSM I, PSM II, and PSM III. You need to pass the first exam in order to sit for the next one. Each exam gets subsequently harder and you will learn a lot more by studying for them. Such an arrangement is great for those who want to study Scrums long-term and keep improving their skills.

3.   PSM is Superior to CSM courses:

Often, many people are confused about whether the Certified Scrum Master course is better than PSM training or not. The truth is that the main difference between them is who takes the exam. In PSM, the examination is directly taken by the Scrum Organization. Due to the time constraints and the syllabus, the PSM exam is considered to be much more difficult than its competitors. Due to this, those who can pass the exam are considered to be better versed with Scrum operations.

4.   PSM Certification is Given after Passing an Examination:

The PSM examination that is conducted directly by the Scum Organization is an open book online examination. The exam has a total duration of one hour where you need to answer 80 multiple-choice questions that are of the true/false type. The pass mark for the exam is 85%, and the examination is considered to be difficult. It is advised to study well in preparation for the exam, as it is possible to fail and not make the cut. You can only get your certification if you pass the exam, hence it is best that you go for some reliable Professional Scrum Master Training.

5.   PSM Training is Highly Valuable:

There are many companies that highly value the skills and services of certified PSM individuals. Thus, undertaking the training will allow you to appear for many lucrative job opportunities and also boost the amount of salary that you can earn from working in a Scrum team, as compared to being uncertified.

These facts show us that the PSM training course is a great option for those who are looking to diversify their portfolio and foray into the world of Scrums Masters.

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