Virtual school assemblies – 4 reasons why school assemblies are so important for the children

4 Reasons Why School Assemblies Are So Important For The Children

Most of you are relieved when your child gets admission into a fantastic, reputed school. But do you know there is more to this formal education setup than only educating them about the books or the syllabus provided? There are extracurricular activities like sports, arts, debates, summer camps, and so on.

They help your child become a balanced individual experiencing overall growth that makes his/her personality bloom. The school morning assemblies that such institutions conduct are another vital part of the educational system. Were you aware of that?

What is a school assembly? How does your child benefit from it? 

An assembly is a morning ritual of most schools when the children are gathered at the common ground. Then you have a handful of them performing various actions. Depending on what the school prefers, the children may sing the national anthem or the school anthem; teachers or prefects may speak about important values like equality and cleanliness, and so on. Some schools believe in a meditation session to boost concentration before the lessons begin.

This assembly typically lasts for around 30 minutes to an hour at the most, depending on institutions. Nowadays, since most educational institutions are working on a virtual setup, online assemblies have come into vogue. Academic Entertainment encourages such virtual school assemblies,  making it a point that your child is getting all the benefits from this gathering.

They also plan other activities like camp tours and art and craft sessions for your child, apart from organizing some of the most engaging assemblies for the institution. And if you want to know how children benefit from this, then keep reading.

1.       It brings out the feeling of unity amongst kids –The children in a school come from different backgrounds and families. When there is so much diversity, it becomes difficult to build a sense of unity amongst the kids. But this value is vital as well. It is then when assemblies come into action and help you in cultivating this value in the children. The kids tend to form a group and perform the assemblies. That is how they learn to value unity and group functionality.

2.      Learning valuable lessons of life – Certain values are crucial. You must cultivate them in children during their early stage of education. Unfortunately, the formal setup of textbooks and syllabus doesn’t fit in these values appropriately. Well, that is when the assemblies come into the picture. You can introduce those essential habits to the children without much ado. This would help them turn into better and responsible citizens and individuals. Some of these values are tolerance of other religions, gender equality, anti-racism, punctuality, participation, and so much more.

3.      Building confidence in kids –Most kids face stage fright and are unable to perform in the regular school debates and functions. These gatherings provide a chance for all these kids to try out their skills and hone their confidence and abilities. Since the assemblies are often divided according to the classes, there is a cozy audience. This helps the child to open up. They can practice speaking and performing in front of them conveniently.

4.      Providing a fresh start to the day – Imagine if the school assemblies were not conducted! The children would start their day with the taxing lessons. This may make them feel overwhelmed. But since they are introduced to the school assembly, they commence their working day with prayers, meditating, and singing. This helps them focus and concentrate. We couldn’t think of a better start to a day for any child.

We are sure you are surprised after reading so many benefits of the regular school assemblies. Did you even think of these before?! Yes, children are often known to love these assemblies and look forward to them. You should listen to how happy and excited they are for the daily assemblies. 


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