Tools for a Car Repair Business

by whatsmind

Starting up an automotive repair business can be extremely profitable, if you’ve got the right skills, and you know how to market them. After all, Britain is a country filled with motorists, whose vehicles will invariably break down at regular intervals. If you’re always there to pick up the pieces, then you’ll get a respectable income.

Getting a business of this kind off the ground, however, requires a little bit of up-front investment. Not only do you need to worry about premises and rent; you also need the right equipment available. Let’s take a look at a few of the more important items.

Personal Protective Equipment

Among the most important pieces of gear in your workshop are going to be the items which stand between you and serious injury. Mechanics should wear protective boots, eyewear and overalls, and regularly inspect their PPE to make sure that it’s fit for purpose. Protecting yourself is an inherently worthwhile thing, but we should also consider the impact that an injury might have on your income. You don’t, after all, want your business to be forced to close when you’re just getting started.

A Jack

Diagnosing a problem with a car will often require inspecting the underside. This, in turn, will require a means of lifting the vehicle so that you can get underneath it. This means, for the most part, a trolley jack. This will allow you to do everything from change wheels to adjust the brakes. Trolley jacks come in various sizes, and are rated to different weights. Make sure that your jack is rated to lift the weight you have in mind – failure to do this can have disastrous results.


By investing in a serious selection of spanners ahead of time, you won’t find yourself stumped when you come across a car with a differently-sized bolt to the ones you’ve gotten used to. Having to track down a tool of this kind in the middle of a job can result in significant delays – so make sure that you’ve gotten it sorted in advance.

Battery Charger

When you return a car to a customer, you’ll want to make sure that its battery is fully charged. If you’re able to give your customers a jump-start, then you’ll earn their appreciation – which will help you to promote your business through word-of-mouth.


If you’re storing all of this equipment in the same location, then you’ll want to make sure you’ve taken appropriate measures to protect the investment. That includes insurance, as well as physical devices like biometric locks and security cameras.

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