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Meeting Space Rental

All about meeting space rental. As office space becomes more costly and companies move towards maximizing their productivity, there is a surge in demand for the rental of meeting places.

Even if you’re not renting out your place to make extra cash, it’s good practice to learn some tips on the arrangement of tables, chairs, room layout, and other aspects which are critical during your next home party or social event where you need a meeting space rental with friends. For those who are hosting events at work or rent out meeting space for commercial purposes, read on for practical knowledge that will inform the right choice.

1) Arrangement of Tables & Chairs

Once everything has been set up, take a step back and view the room from a distance. What does it look like? How many tables should be used? What size chair should be placed at every table, given the number of people expected at your event? If there is an imbalance (e.g. not enough chairs for all tables), then rearrange the furniture until it looks right to you.

2) Positioning of Lights & Mirrors

Harsh light can cast long shadows and make faces look ugly; make sure there’s adequate lighting at every table by positioning small lamps or LED lights on each side and angle them downwards slightly towards the table instead of pointing them straight down onto your guests’ faces. If using the naked sun as your main source of light, then make sure it’s not behind your guests and that there are no direct beams.

3) Room Layout and Seating Arrangement

Ensure that chairs and tables are well-spaced apart so as not to cause congestion in the room when everyone tries to get in at once. It’s best practice to use circular tables instead of rectangular ones as they allow for more people around each table without making those seated feel left out or cut off from the crowd.

4) Colour Scheme & Ambience

Choose a color scheme which complements your party theme or decor, avoid having too many dominant colors clashing with one another, or you’ll have a headache trying to figure out where each should be put to create an aesthetically pleasing room layout. You can also use curtains, drapes, or other furnishings from different colors as makeshift partitions, which will help break up the room into smaller zones.

Meeting Space Rental
Meeting Space Rental

5) Music & Sound System

The right choice of music can transform the atmosphere of your meeting space rental and create a lively, vibrant atmosphere that stimulates discussion and catches people’s attention. If you’re having trouble choosing appropriate songs or playlists, ask friends for their input or hire a DJ to do it for you – they’ll be able to create an event-appropriate playlist within the hour.

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6) Kitchen & Amenities

Even if your guests aren’t staying long, it may be necessary to set up a small buffet table with refreshments and snacks for them to nibble on. Make sure there’s enough cutlery and crockery, so people don’t have to wait too long for their turn or stand awkwardly while holding an empty glass or plate at the same time.

Remember, it’s all about comfort and convenience, so consider every detail and take your time in planning out how you want your space to appear before hitting the invite button.


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