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How Does the Auto Transport Process Actually Work in Practice?

In auto transport, a company can’t drive the cars straight to the dealership. It’s even impossible to do this across continents. Do you need to get your car transported over a large distance?

This is where auto transport companies come in. Cars are much bigger and more expensive than parcels, so it comes to follow that auto transport is much more costly.

Did you know that the car industry produced more than 77 million cars in 2020 worldwide? You can now find these peppered across continents around the globe. This can give you an idea of how big the auto transport industry is.

Like in any other trade, auto transport runs from a small scale to global. Whether you are a car owner, seller, or buyer, here is what you need to know about auto transport. Read on to discover more.

Methods of Auto Transport

It would be inefficient to drive cars to dealerships that sell them as brand new. Here are the modes that transport services use:

  • By airplane
  • By ship
  • By railroad car
  • By truck

Planes and ships are for transportation across continents, with more cars transported by ship.

Every car will at some point be in truck transport. It is also a common mode of transporting cars through large landmasses like Europe. Land transport by rail is far less common.

It is also possible to hire for personal moving needs. There may come a time in your vehicle ownership that you will need these services. How then does transport work for owned cars?

How You Can Ship a Car as Vehicle Owner

Shipping old cars may be more complicated than shipping new ones. There are many different pick-up points, schedules, and delivery locations. These are all extra factors the shipping company needs to work with.

If you are a first-time car buyer, you may want to be familiar with the steps in car shipment. Here are the three main steps to take when shipping a car:

  • Get a quote
  • Vehicle pick-up
  • Vehicle delivery

These all come with other processes, such as booking your order and scheduling. A reliable car moving company will be able to give you an initial quote right away. They will also handle the nitty-gritty of it, like the logistics, insurance, and permits.

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More Tips About Vehicle Ownership

Auto transport is a complex system with many facets. Car moving companies are experts in the legal and logistic aspects of this. If you have a car, you should now understand all the work that goes into its transportation alone.

Why stop there? If you want to broaden your knowledge about vehicle ownership and maintenance, check out our other blog posts. We have more great tips and tricks for you to learn about car care.


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