Will online casinos replace land-based locations in the future?

Online casinos have become more and more popular in the last years, and there are undoubtedly advantages to the online sites, as they let you play wherever and whenever you would like. However, the physical casinos also need players to stay in business, and some of them are already struggling, but will the online world take over and replace land-based casinos fully?

Why online? 

But why do people choose online casinos? We have already mentioned the practical part of it, but several things drive people to online platforms. We are so used to being able to do any daily task on our phone or laptop, whether it be working, talking to friends, or playing games. Furthermore, the online revolution has made it so easy to adapt to these solutions. 

The current pandemic shut down many physical locations, leading gamblers to head online to play. This tendency has very much continued after the vaccine roll-out and the reopening. It is also easier to find good online casinos through guides like the ones at Here they have collected thorough descriptions and ratings of online casinos. You can read their guides at  

Why land-based?

But why would you choose a land-based casino then? If it is so much easier with the ones online. Well, it might be simpler, but you will never get the same atmosphere as in the physical location. Some people are “everyday gamblers” while others do it only on occasion. These are the people who travel to big gambling cities like Las Vegas to explore the strip, the grand resorts, and the festive scene, as well as gambling. In other words, the land-based casinos offer something more than just the actual games. Anyone can look up strategies to win online poker and have a go, but doing it with other, real people is something else. 

Will online casinos replace land-based locations in the future?

About the future

People are curious about what the future has on hold for the gambling community, and whether the physical locations will survive this technological shift. It is a curiosity it is difficult to answer. We know the online casinos are being used more and more, but there will always be some things you cannot get here. Online casino fans are generally looking at gambling as a routine or activity to do during your downtime, while physical gamblers see it as a night out, or something special and lavish.  

The iGaming industry is growing tremendously and has been online for a while now. You could also argue that the people who used to play online have not necessarily switched to online sites, but that these sites rather have attracted new players. In this sense, the industry has grown, but it does not have to affect the land-based casinos in the matter you might think. 

All in all, we think the two gambling forms are so different, that one cannot replace the other.

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