Ideas for Custom Car Wraps

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Custom car wraps are much like buying a whole new wardrobe – in car terms! 

We love the fresh new look, high-quality graphics, or street-savvy statement that comes with getting a vinyl wrap for your car. The possibilities are endless when wrapping your car, no matter whether it is for personal or business use.

But where do you start when it comes to car wraps, and what is the right design for your vehicle? This is a tough question; as the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

So, if you are undecided about where to start with your car wrap, keep reading for some top tips for getting an awesome look.

Vinyl for Business

Using your private or company vehicle as a moving advertisement is an excellent way to gain maximum visibility for your company. Even if you are just traveling back and forward to work every day, you will be passing the same people and places regularly. Consistency is key in advertising, and by being visible regularly you will generate business. 

Wraps on your company vehicles are a great way to appear more polished, or bigger than you are. It’s an efficient way to build authority behind your brand, even if you are just starting.

Benefits of Vinyl 

When you buy the car of your dreams, you don’t want it to look like anyone else’s! Custom car wraps are the perfect way to make your perfect car a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork as well. While it is great to have a unique car, vinyl wraps also come with several benefits:

  • Protects the original paint job from scrapes and scratches
  • Prevents paintwork from fading
  • Easy to remove so you can change your look as often as you want without the cost and hassle of painting
  • Easy to customize and a great opportunity to be creative 

Now that you have decided to get a vinyl wrap, you need to look at what material you want. There are three top options you can choose from when it comes to picking your car or truck wraps. 


Chrome will be an excellent choice if you are looking for a flashy, eye-catching wrap. Luxury chrome reflects light, so when the sun shines on your car, the result is a shiny finish that can’t be missed. (It also reflects camera flashes, so a great choice if you are running from the paparazzi!) 

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a classic custom finish. With a high-quality look and feel, it is a top choice for luxury performance cars. It is also known as an interior option and can be offered in black, white, and silver.


Matte wraps, one of the most popular trends, aren’t often chosen for luxury cars. It is used most on cars that have been cosmetically customized and have a “flat” look – not what you are going for if you have a flashy car that you want to show off. However, it still offers an edgy, trendy look which we love.

Where to Start with Custom Car Wraps

You know the benefits; you have looked at some material options. So, what is the next step? There are a few things for you to take into consideration when choosing the right custom car wraps and custom designs. 

Keep It Simple

Not all wraps need to be works of art. Sometimes just choosing a unique color is enough to make you stand out. If you are doing multiple vehicles for your business, for example, you don’t need to go all out on the design. Wraps can last for years and are still a cheaper option than custom paint jobs, so it is worth considering for work advertising.

Another way to make a plain color stand out is to go with a matte or metallic option. Alternatively, filling the entire vehicle frame with one specific image is also a simple way to go the extra mile. If it is for your business, images of your most popular products are also simple yet effective ways to advertise. 

Be Creative

Use your vehicle like a blank canvas. If you are feeling creative, go wild. Color is a very effective way to attract attention and can even bring out certain emotions in those who see it – it is called color psychology. It’s not a bad way to get your brand message across, so pick colors that reflect your personality or what you would like people to associate with your business. 

A little bit of humor is also a good way to make an impression. Play with words and phrases and find something original that makes it memorable. A potential customer stuck in traffic may appreciate a good laugh and will remember this next time they are searching for a product or service that you offer. 

Don’t try and change your vehicle or your brand to fit the wrap, rather use the wrap to maximize what you have. Doors, windows, and odd-shaped vehicles can all work to your advantage when designing your wrap. 

Call to Action

Getting viewers to take action is a great way to build a following. Make people curious about your products and ask them to interact with you. Make them curious and then point them in the right direction.

On your custom car wrap, you can add contact details, websites, social media details. This will make it easier for people to look you up the next time they are online. The easier to read and remember, the better and place them in the most visible locations on the vehicle. 

Wrap It Up

Custom car wraps on your new car are a great way to make it stand out from the crowd. It also provides an opportunity to profit from business advertising without investing a great deal of time or effort. Choosing the right design and material is crucial, and so is making sure your wrap is of good quality.

If you found this article interesting, look around our blog for others that you might find helpful. 

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