What To Look For When Buying A Family Car

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Some technology makes life easier, there’s no doubt about it. Smartphones help to keep us connected, in touch with friends and family, organized, and just generally ‘switched on. Computers help us work, to achieve life admin tasks, and to have fun every now and then too. The internet has made the world interconnected to a point that was likely unimaginable only a few decades ago. 

One piece of technology that assists families every day around the world is the family car. Large SUVs, like 7 seater cars, make life easier for families of all sizes. If you’re looking to buy a family car, consider this article a part of your foundational independent research, because we’ll be sharing what you need to look for when shopping around for your next people mover.

Does it Match Your Budget?

Cars are a major purchase. Before you even think about narrowing down you’re shortlisted of potential family cars, you need to know your budget. This will either be the cash you have available in the bank in your savings or other accounts or the amount you can borrow from a bank or finance company to fund the purchase.

When determining your budget or borrowing capacity, don’t forget to include the ongoing expenses associated with owning a car. These include fuel, insurance, registration, as well as the costs of regular maintenance and servicing.

Storage Space

A great family car will always have a decent amount of storage space. This is essential, particularly if you need to cart multiple kids to sports or dance practice with all their bags and equipment. Not to mention doing the grocery shopping, running errands, and also transporting friends and family.

Look for boot/trunk space when shopping for a family car, if the storage space is suitable for your needs then it’s a great match. For additional storage, you can always install roof rails or racks to place a pod on top. For more hefty storage needs, you can install a tow bar that will allow you to tow a trailer. 

Safety Ratings

There’s no denying that safety is incredibly important when it comes to family cars. In the unlikely event of an accident, you want to ensure that your family is well-protected. Look for a family car with a high (5 star) safety rating.

Safety ratings measure how safe a car is based on how protected the driver and passengers are in a collision. It also takes into account safety features, which we’ll be exploring in further detail below.

Look for Safety Features

When shopping for a family car, ask questions about the safety features that it comes with. Some advanced safety features that are stock standard these days are Advanced Braking Systems or ABS. These systems assist the driver to brake safely and suddenly to avoid a serious crash.

Another safety system is lane drift detection, which alerts the driver when the car begins to drift out of a lane. This is an important safety feature as it assists you in avoiding a crash on multi-laned roads.

Fuel Consumption

Family cars tend to be on the larger side, and larger cars can consume more fuel than smaller cars due to their increased mass. With this in mind, try to pick a make and model that has a relatively economical fuel consumption rate.

Fuel efficiency is important because it determines how much fuel your car burns to move around, and also determines how much you’ll pay at the pump for fuel when you fill up.

A Car Shopping Conclusion

In this article, we’ve shared what to look for when buying a family car. We’ve covered the importance of knowing your budget as well as how to set a reasonable budget to follow, the benefits of storage space, understanding safety ratings, and also the growing need to consider fuel consumption. 

Once you’ve figured all this out and got your ducks in a row, it’s time to pull the trigger and buy that new family car that’s in alignment with you and your family’s day-to-day needs and, of course, your future road tripping plans!

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