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Trollishly’s Actionable Instagram Marketing Methods To Boost More Sales

Do your Instagram marketing methods improve with sales growth? If not, you are on the eCommerce platform. It is the right time to explore some soul-searching. Now, the business excels with massive understatement. Based on the report, 60% of users depend on the Instagram platform to find and discover products. Indeed, marketers and eCommerce brands connect with Instagram as a sort of extension of their existing storefronts. 

Instagram serves as a hub for eCommerce sales as it doesn’t display any signs of slowing down. Look at Instagram’s new advertising formats and features by looking out on Instagram as proof for that. 

You got good news! Provided how much the platform has improved and developed. Now is the right time to rethink your Instagram marketing methods. Now, brands significantly focus on measuring their sales from social media platforms. Also, we have discussed actionable Instagram marketing tricks below for your reference. 

1. Follow A Product-Based Content Calendar

Always look at first come first! So, plan deeply; what should you post on Instagram? Start with product-based posts that are the most famous content types on Instagram. Even though brands need to reduce junk mail for their followers, they shouldn’t be shy about displaying their products. It may look cliche; it is everything about displaying the products. You are not going to gain more traction for your bland Instagram post with lifeless product images. On the other hand, consider how you can highlight what you are marketing as a unique photo. 

For instance, IKEA displays its products with a real-time shopping window. Apart from photos, videos must be absolutely part of your Instagram marketing methods as well. Make sure that your content looks entertaining and eye-catching; anything from mini-videos to loop-able, Boomerang-style videos are fair game. Besides this, massive brands such as Swatch post playful, engaging video content to display their products. Along with this, use Trollishly that elevates your performance scale. The vital factor on Instagram is user-generated content. So, start to share audience photos by highlighting your followers and proving their interest in the products and services. 

The significant takeaway is that product-based niche posts must be a primary concept for your Instagram marketing methods. Even though the content calendar must be the content type to post, brands should not be worried about self-promotional ideas. 

2. Design Your Originality & Niche Tone

There is a golden chance for improving sales on Instagram where brands experience crowded competition. However, to sort down through the noise, you must start with innovativeness for your benefit. Brands that can figure out some niche or trademark are mostly the ones that gain significant followers count. The more followers you have, the more chances to market. 

Next, the most famous method for making an impression on Instagram is humor. Suppose it’s a meme or clever caption; people will like funny and engaging content as a sort of break from conventional sales messages. If humor is not your brand’s concept, then don’t work harder. Motivation and inspiration are also notable aspects for brands on Instagram to associate with followers. If you are trying to elevate your Instagram performance, then start to buy Instagram views Trollishly that improves your website traffic and exposure among your followers. 

Brands must work harder to recognize their trademark and tone on Instagram sooner rather than later. To perform this, here you got a faster sample of Instagram marketing tools to elevate your creativity:

  • VSCO
  • In-Shot
  • Canva

3. Market Using Instagram Stories

If there are content types that are dominating Instagram right now, then there are Stories. With more than 500 million daily users, Stories not only bring eagerness for eCommerce brands and marketers. Stories provide brands with several bunches in terms of advertising products. Do you want to post an unrehearsed selfie? If so, polished photos using a particular call-to-action. Stories let you perform both, all the while by using your brand by focusing on your follower’s Instagram news feed. 

Summing Up

Marketing by Instagram is mostly simpler than ever for brands. Provided you should know the Instagram platform. Possibly these Instagram marketing tricks offer some insight and much-required motivation on what it takes to use Instagram to push sales. Practicing these steps along with Trollishly supports to boost up a strategy to gain new customers and display love to the ones you already have. 


We have been working as marketing specialists for the past seven years. Our integral duties involve developing project strategy and outcome analysis. Recently, we have taken on more management tasks, and are currently leading two campaign creation teams. When we were in University, much interested in two things: business and leadership. When we learned about the field of SEO, we knew this is where our professional future would take place. We worked on successful SEO campaigns that have brought clients a profit margin improvement of more than 10%. In our spare time, we enjoy reading historical adventure novels and cooking.

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