Guide to Playing on a Family Friendly Par 3 Golf Course

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Golf is a misunderstood activity that many brushes off. However, it can be a family-friendly game! It doesn’t have to be a solo game because you can play a team game too. 

Playing on a Par 3 golf course means there are looser conduct codes to follow. It makes the game easier to play, and it also will shorten the golf course. 

So, without further ado, here is your guide to playing on a Par 3 golf course! 

What Is a Par 3 Golf Course? 

A Par 3 golf course only has par 3 holes for the whole course rather than also having par 4 or par 5 holes. Most holes will be anywhere from 100 to 200 feet away from your starting point. 

In addition, you can choose how many holes you’d like to play on a Par 3 golf course as well. You can go for as short as six holes or go for the whole course at 18 holes. A happy medium may be playing nine holes. 

Par 3 golf courses take great care of their greens, so you will definitely put on nearly perfect greens.

What Makes a Par 3 Golf Course Exciting

A Par 3 golf course is exciting for several reasons. The primary one is with all holes operating on par 3 rules; you need to make every move count. You need to be accurate instead of long-ranging. 

In addition, the game takes much less time. Because a Par 3 golf course will shorten the course, you move through the game much quicker than you do in a full-length golf course. 

Try Comox golf course for a great Par 3 golf course experience. 

Fun for the Whole Family

The reason a Par 3 golf course is often deemed “family-friendly” is because it makes an intimidating game more bite-sized. It allows complete beginners to learn the game of golf and hone their skills without fear they won’t be able to hit long-range. 

The game allows for more versatile skills to develop in hitting short iron shots and putting. Both of these skills require accuracy compared to hitting long shots. 

What Clubs to Bring for Playing a Par 3 Golf Course

The big question is, what clubs do you need to bring to play a successful Par 3 golf course. It will vary from course to course, but you can’t go wrong with the following: 

  • six-iron club
  • wedge clubs
  • putters

You won’t need any long-range club for a Par 3 golf course, of course. Check out the PGA Par-3 strategies for more information. 

Play Your Next Game on a Par 3 Golf Course

A Par 3 golf course is where you need to play your next game. Not only do the games fly by, but it is a great place to bring your family and friends who may be beginners at the game of golf. 

You can also practice your accuracy on shorter-range hits on a Par 3 golf course. So what are you waiting for? Play your next game there! 

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