10 Elements to Differentiate Your Moving Business from Competitors

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The moving industry represents a multi-billion dollar investment potential in the USA. Around 7,000 moving companies in the country have created millions of jobs directly or indirectly. Also, these companies bring some $86 billion in revenue, thereby contributing heavily to the national economy. But the existence of thousands of companies means that newcomers will face fierce competition in this field.

An existing company also suffers from declining business thanks to the ongoing pandemic and various competitors attracting potential customers. Now, how can your company survive a competitive environment and expand? Let’s find out some tricks of the trade:

Ten ways to distinguish your company from other movers

With over 9% of Americans switching their dwellings every year, it’s become essential to enhance your marketing endeavors. Millions of homeowners change houses annually. Statistics show that an average American will relocate every 11 years. So, why would a customer prefer your moving company over your competitors? Marketers recommend emphasizing your USPs or unique selling points. These points show your uniqueness to a potential customer. Without focusing on these elements, people won’t be able to differentiate between you and your rivals. Here, we will explain how movers can expand their business and beat competitors in 2021. These tips will help you grow your moving business swiftly:

Provide storage units

People appreciate movers that provide storage facilities along with transportation ones. Homeowners mostly declutter their apartments while relocating, so they need to dump their belongings somewhere. That’s why people these days are inclined towards utilizing storage units. For instance, those relocating within Texas opt for self storage McKinney TX because of their reliable services. These units are well-secured, climate-controlled, tenant-insured, and available in different sizes. So, if you’re running a moving company, additional storage services can help you rise above the competition.

Answer the phone

Secondly, you should work on improving the customers’ experience. Start with picking those phones up, and don’t leave them ringing. If someone wasn’t available at that moment, let the answering machine record the message. Don’t forget to call back leads to maintain good relations with people. Folks expect movers to respond immediately since they’re often comparing quotes. Not answering their calls will make them lose hope and move on to communicate with another company.

Use the right keywords

Which keyword/s should you use to appear higher on SERPs? Many companies utilize common phrases such as “local movers” or “moving partners” that already have tough competition. Instead, try using unique and less contested terms to attract potential customers and stay away from rivals. A series of moving-related words combined artistically can help you stay relevant in search results. For instance, try phrases, e.g., “antique moving,” “estate cleanout,” “school moving,” and others.

Leverage people’s emotions

Like most companies, customers expect movers to adhere to CSR (corporate social responsibility) as well. It dictates that businesses must “give back” to society and contribute to the world’s betterment. So, partnering with welfare associations or research foundations will compel people to do business with you. Customers prefer companies that donate to causes and help nonprofits. Tapping into emotions will make you successful against the plethora of competitors.

Get testimonials

It’s crucial to acquire original testimonials to display on your website. When homeowners switch dwellings, they trust people’s recommendations before hiring movers. Studies show that 88% of customers trust reviews/testimonials as much as a friend’s opinion. How to get reviews? You can ask customers to write about their experiences of availing services from your company. After that, display the best reviews as testimonies of your accomplishments.

Respond to reviews

It isn’t enough gathering reviews if you’re not responding to them appropriately. Don’t ignore negative reviews since replying to them can help enhance your reputation. People prefer movers – or any business in this case – who interact with them and answer their questions. So, the way you’re handling criticism makes viewers admire you as a professional organization. As for the positive ones, we’ve already talked about how they constitute excellent promotional material as testimonials.

Show your track record

Besides testimonials, people also respond to your company’s track records. You might’ve seen sites displaying the “number of orders completed” proudly for viewers. If your company has been around in the market for years, show your track record to potential consumers. It’ll help them realize that they’re in contact with someone well-qualified and well-experienced. If your company doesn’t have a glowing track record, it becomes difficult to attract customers and differentiate your organization.

Become well-certified

You can earn more trust among people by earning better accreditations and certifications while also keeping them updated. These certificates should appear clearly on your websites, similar to all those testimonials. Some movers acquire BBB accreditation, whereas many moving companies attempt to receive the ProMover certificate as well. Moreover, getting affiliated with organizations such as Van Line also does wonders for your reputation. It ensures people that you’re a legitimate company.

Leverage technology

We’re living in a world of self-driven vehicles today. The logistics industry has been revolutionized by the introduction of tracking options that keep a customer updated about the item’s location. So, movers can beat rivalry by incorporating these technologies into their services. For instance, self-driven trucks simplify transportation. Then we have portable containers left at the customer’s doorsteps and picked up by movers after a container’s been loaded. The introduction of A.I. can improve a customer’s experience with your website. At the same time, digital banking options enable people to make payments online. Offering these options makes your company valuable.

Initiate a blog

It’s highly critical to stay active on social media – especially in the post-COVID era of marketing. People might also prefer you over competitors if you’re blogging effectively. From handiwork companies to HVAC services, many organizations have blogs where the relevant material is published. You can also produce quality content about topics, such as “problems homeowners face when relocating.” Blogging helps a random visitor realize that you’re knowledgeable enough about your niche and well-aware of situations people find themselves in during shifting. Blogs have an added SEO effect too. We recommend hiring freelancers to enhance your blogging endeavors.

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With thousands of moving companies active in the USA, you will face difficulties gaining some foothold in the market. The solution involves highlighting the unique features of your firm to attract potential customers. As movers, you should become digital by leveraging SEO and blogging to promote your company online. Many customers prefer hiring movers who also provide storage facilities. Offering insurance also convinces people to conduct business with your company. Moreover, companies use portable containers, delivery tracking, and only payment options to expand their business. These techniques can help you grow your business in the relocation market and defeat competitors.

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