How to Raise Awareness About Dark Sides of Your Profession

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There is a dark side to everything. This includes some professions that appear very good from the outside, but there are many unethical things going on inside. For example, we all have heard many things about Wall Street. There are many similar issues in every profession. Many people enjoy these things because of the perks while some are just surviving because they have no other choice. 

If you are seeing others doing something wrong and you are not speaking up, then you are just as guilty as them. It’s your duty to stand against evil and take action to eradicate it. It is understandable that such people are usually in a position much stronger than yours. 

Directly opposing would not get the desired results and only put you in trouble. This is why you should start by spreading awareness about the dark side of your profession before you take final action. Here is how you should do this. 

Stay Inside to Collect Proof

Instead of leaving the moment you find out about the truth, you should stay inside the organization. This will give you more in-depth knowledge of what is going on and how it all is working. You will learn who else is involved and how many people they are affecting. 

You should use this time to collect evidence that will be later used against them. You should learn as much as you can and gain their trust. With more knowledge and access, you will have more solid proof to uncover the facts. It wouldn’t be very difficult for a powerful man to get out of such troubles if you are half prepared. 

Don’t Reveal Your Identity

Don’t get carried away by emotions and reveal your identity and purpose. Whatever action you take, you should do it from the dark. This will enable you to stay within the organization, collecting evidence, while taking actions to weaken them.

It will be very easy to get rid of you once they have identified their enemy. If they are in a strong position, they can have you killed and sabotage your reputation. It would be better to strengthen your own position before you take on a direct fight. 

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Write About it Anonymously

It’s important to spread awareness so you can get more people on your side. It would be a little difficult since you can’t reveal yourself. A great way to spread the truth from the dark is by writing about it. You should write about the unethical things and publish them on The Doe. They will keep your identity confidential and share your articles with their audience. 

You can also read a lot of other articles similar to yours and see how they are fighting against the evil powers of this world. Make sure you don’t mention any information in the article that can give you away. People in your organization might be able to guess who has access to the information shared in that article. 

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