How to add text box in Google Docs?

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How to add text box in Google Docs is our main topic for today’s discussion. Google Docs has a drawing tool that’s useful for creating text boxes, shapes, and flowcharts. While not necessary in every document, they can set important details apart or organize information – like rectangles with lines and arrows to create flow charts!  

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to insert drawings and text boxes into your document. We will also show you the commands for formatting these items to look better in their new home. You can change the order of objects by selecting them on the page or clicking inside one of them with the Selection tool active (black arrow).  

In this lesson of How to add text box in Google Docs, we teach students about inserting pictures and other files onto a PowerPoint slide using drawing tools since it’s more interesting than just talking generally about shapes that may be inserted into slides.

Then I describe what types of formats are available and instructions on how to apply those changes once an object is placed on the decline before giving examples and recommendations for future learning opportunities if time allows.  

If you want to get a clear knowledge through a video about How to add text box in Google Docs then watch the below video.

About drawing tools:  

As we are uncovering the topic that How to add a text box in Google Docs? But here we will also tell you more interesting steps about Google Docs like drawing tools. When you want to add a text box or shape to your document, the drawing tool is there for you.

This has various forms and arrows that can be edited easily with commands given via its dialog box. For example, it lets create diagrams using different shapes and then adding direction-related texts too!  

How to add text box in Google Docs?

Google Docs has an entirely separate version of the drawing application. This means that you can use it completely different from Google Drive and all other products, unlike some similar apps, which require an internet connection to work correctly.

This powerful tool allows you to upload your images and have more features, such as adding text boxes for annotations or drawings on top of photos from Google Images. If you want even more functionality, use this option rather than just inserting an image into your document through Google Drive because it will save space too!  

How to add shapes?  

How to add text box in Google Docs?

Recapitulating about How to add text box in Google Docs? A variety of shapes can be added to your document, including arrows, callouts (which you can add text and change the background color and line width), squares (which may come in handy for creating diagrams or flowcharts), as well as stars. Shapes will also provide visual appeal!  

Steps to insert a shape:  

  • First of all, Click Insert; then, hover over Drawing and from the dropdown menu select new.  
  • The Drawing dialog box will appear (When you choose the Drawing option. It lets us draw different kinds of shapes and objects on our document using an assortment of tools that are available to use for this purpose.)  
  • Select a shape from the dropdown menu. Then, click and drag to draw shapes onto your artboard.  
  • Drag the cursor in a drawing area to create a shape. The size of this shape can be adjusted by dragging along its sides or corners if it has any defined features.  
  • Click the mouse, and a square appears on your screen.  
  • Draw! You can use any shapes you want to create your Drawing. When done, click Save & Close to insert it into the document.  
  • A digital drawing will be embedded in the document.  
  • The shape can be resized by clicking and dragging a resize handle to the desired size.  
  • You can edit a drawing by either deleting it or opening the tool to make changes. If you delete one, click on Edit in the options below and select another shape from there.  

Adding text boxes in google docs:  

As we are discussing about How to add text box in Google Docs? This topic is going to be fruitful especially for the university students. Text boxes allow you to insert a box of text into your document. They are similar in appearance and functionality as shapes, allowing you the same formatting options, such as changing their background color or line style.  

Steps how to add text box in Google Docs:

  • Click Insert > Drawing. The Drawing dialog box will appear on the screen.  
  • Type your text in the text box. The Text box command is used to insert a rectangular-shaped object into the document containing any amount of text, pictures, or other things like shapes and graphs.  
  • To create a rectangular box, do click and drag in the drawing area.  
  • A text box will appear once you release the mouse. Use it to enter any desired text and click “OK.”  
  • Click ‘Save & Close’ in the bottom right corner to save your document. Your new text box will appear on top of all other content until you delete it by clicking ‘Close.’  

How to add text box in Google Docs on the top of a picture?  

How to add text box in Google Docs?

Google Docs is an excellent resource for creating documents and slides, but sometimes you want to make something more interesting. For example, if you would like to add pictures with text boxes over them, here’s how:  

Open Google Drive in your web browser (if it isn’t already). Click on “Insert,” then select the Drawing icon that looks like a pencil and paper. Paste an image into this box by pressing Ctrl/Cmd V or clicking on upload files from computer > Choose File (s).

Find where your picture lives locally and click open when selected. Then click Draw! You should now see the drawing application pop up – if not, go back to step 1. When finished editing, hit Done at the top right corner of the screen. Your newly created item will appear.  

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Where is the “Insert” option in Google Docs?  

How to add text box in Google Docs?

The last point on How to add text box in Google Docs is about the insert option. With a click of the mouse, create your site in Google Docs. It’s easy! Open up a new tab and look to the right, where you’ll find an Insert button. Select from any File including Sheets, Forms, Charts or Slides  

On a computer with access to sites on Google Docs, open one by opening either Chrome (or another browser) and typing into your search bar followed immediately after it by .doc/.edu/whatever else is needed for that specific website then hit enter twice: once before “.com” and again after. You should be brought directly onto this page!   

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