The Evolution and Physical Appearance of the Bombay Cat

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Some creatures readily come to mind when you think about ugly-looking animals. The rhino is one of them for us. The look is just something else. This is coupled with the fact that it is not a friendly animal.

In the same vein, some animals also come to mind when you think about beautiful creatures. The panther is one of them. This creature from India is beautiful in every sense of the word. To know more about this Indian-based creature, you can read this.

Little wonder Nikki Horner made several attempts to create a domestic cat that looks very much like this beloved wide animal. The truth is that it was not so much of an easy project.

Many unsuccessful attempts were recorded but eventually, it happened. The Bombay cat, commonly nicknamed the mini-panther, was developed.

It is one of the most known breeds in the world except in a few locations. As a result, it is only right that people are aware of key subjects about this feline breed.

This is why we will discuss some in this article. We advise anyone who has them, who is considering raising them, and cat lovers at large to continue reading. The information shared here will prove very helpful.

Why It Is Called Bombay Cat

The Evolution and Physical Appearance of the Bombay Cat

More often than not, cats do not end up with their names for the fun of it. There is always a reason behind the name. And for the record, this feline creature is not the only one to be named after a location.

There is a long list of cat breeds that have names that reflect locations around the world. Other examples aside from this breed include British Shorthair, Turkish Angora, Russian Blue, American Shorthair, and Burmese Cat. There are just so many of them that we would lose count if we continue.

Having established this, you should know that this feline creature is named Bombay cat because of the wide animal it was bred to emulate in looks. The Black Panther is from Bombay, India and so this cat was named after this area.

How was the Bombay Cat Developed

We did stress that there were many prior unsuccessful attempts to create a domestic cat that would look like the well-admired blank panther. However, Nikki Horner eventually made headway in 1958.

The choice of feline creatures to be matched was very important in developing this feline creature. This is most likely the area where many unsuccessful attempts got it all wrong.

Nikki Horner matched American Shorthair Cats with Burmese to develop these good-looking creatures. Along the line, British breeders came up with another kind of this feline creature.

Although the developed feline creature by the British breeders shares a lot of similarities, there are still some notable differences. The eye is one of the focal points here.

Rather than the gold or copper eyes regular ones are known to have, the British ones have green eyes. To know more about the differences and similarities between both, you can visit:

As you might have figured out, the major reason for the minor difference between both kinds of Bombay cats is the felines that were matched. Although the Burmese cat is used, the British breeders match them with a black domestic shorthair. This is instead of American shorthair cats.

You should also know that the notable ICA (International Cat Association) did not formally recognize them until 1979. After they were recognized by this body, many questions about their ability to adapt to living conditions were answered. This is because the judgment of this body is very much trusted by many feline lovers all over the world.

Physical Appearance of the Bombay Cat

This feline creature has been called many nice names. The name “mini-panther” is one of the most common and it is not hard to understand the sense behind it.

However, we like to call this feline creature the “all-black domestic cat”. This is because it is exactly what we say it is. Just like the wide animal it was developed to look like (Black Panther), almost every part of its physical appearance is black. The soles, mouth, nose, and coat are all black.


As with many other feline creatures and animals at large, males weigh more than females. However, the difference is not so much. Generally, they are considered to be medium-sized cats.

This is because of their muscular build and average weight. About their weight, both the British and American kinds weigh between 8 – 15 pounds.

The number of toes they have is uneven. This is considering how they have four toes in the back and five in the front.


The surface part of the fur is not the only area that is black. It is this way even to the fur’s root. So, it deserves to be called the all-black domestic cat once again.

Although it does not have a long coat, the feeling when you touch it is like satin. This is one area it does look like the wide creature it was developed to resemble (Blank Panther).


This is one area where the US and British Bombay cats are different as mentioned above. The British one has green-colored eyes. However, the more common US kind could either be copper or gold. To be fair, they all look good.


We have discussed some very important things you should know about this common feline creature in many parts of the world. We advise that you make regular visits to the veterinarian and take nutrition seriously if you plan on raising this cat.

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