5 Strategies for Winning in Online Poker

by whatsmind

Learn how to play poker. 

Online gambling is slowly becoming legal in some US states, in the places where it is you will find online poker convenient and with plenty of friendly stakes. The best sites will also typically offer bonuses or promotions to boost your budget and keep you loyal. To see what we mean by how brilliant online poker is now, visit the website here to see it for yourself. 

Before we tell you about the 5 strategies you can use to win in online poker, we will talk about poker rules. 

One of the most popular forms of poker played online has to be Texas Hold’em. So let’s use this as an example. In Texas Hold’em, each player will receive two cards face down at the start of each hand dealt. There will be a round of betting before a ‘flop’ is then dealt. A flop are three community cards that are shared by everyone at the table. 

After this there will be another round of betting and then a single ‘turn’ card is added, then another round of bets, and finally a ‘river’ card is added. 

The aim in this game is to create the best 5-card poker hand from your two hole cards and the five community cards. Winning hands follow standard poker rankings. This means a Royal Flush is the best followed by a straight flush, then four of a kind, a full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs, one pair, and finally high card. 

So, now we know the basics, what poker strategies are that to help you win at online poker? 

Be selective. 

As a new player to online poker, you can be tempted to play every hand. You can ask yourself why you should fold and just sit and watch everyone else play. 

You need to understand that you do need to be selective with your starting hands. Oftentimes, most hands will be behind on the flop, and you would end up throwing good money after bad. 

The first good poker strategy is to simply choose the right starting hands, pass on a mediocre hand but pounce on a stellar hand. You should pick a few premium hands to raise in a late-position (when you are last person to act), and then fold if you have weak hands.  

So, we are saying all this, but what are the best starting hands to have? 

Well as you can imagine, ace, ace, is a good hand, as are two kings, two queens, two jacks, an ace and king suited, and ace and queen suited, ace and jack suited, and a king and queen suited. You can rise with these in late, and hands like ace, ace and king, king you can rise early too. 

Also consider hands such as 10,10, and 9,9, as well as 8,8 and so on. While you can be tempted to get attached to any pair, smaller pairs are not so useful and only need to be played to extract value on the flop. 

Be aggressive. 

Another piece of advice we can give you is to simply be aggressive. Good poker games are about aggressive play. There is no point in playing premium hands if you are not willing to bet a lot of chips and force other players out. 

Be tight, be aggressive, and select a few hands to play and bet them hard. If you are up against weaker players, prone to folding, you can even get more aggressive with your smaller pairs too. This can make you a master of disguise, and with that, we have our next tip. 

Bluffing- the art of a genius. 

If the poker top dogs didn’t bluff, their pots would be empty. Often you will miss the flop, or turn, and so becoming a bluff master is a great way to force others into folding. 

A good player will know how to bluff in order to get better hands to fold. Learn the continuation bet, this is a bet that you make on the flop after you have led the betting pre-flop. In this case, it doesn’t really matter if you have hit the flop, a c-bet will keep the story going and your bluff intact. If you have an aggressive demeanor in the game as well, you can really disguise your hands. Your oppositions may believe you are just trying to buy the pot, while you actually hold a good hand. 

In online poker, It’s not about how you look or your facial expressions when you bluff, it’s about the actions you take. Remember that

But… do not overdo it. 

Okay, bluffing is good, but don’t go bluff-crazy. Bluffing is a good strategy for poker as you learn, but do not get wired into the concept of bluffing the games away. You do not want to end up bleeding chips just because you can’t stop bluffing your mediocre hands. 

You could throw some semi-bluffs, which is a bluff you use when you have a drawing hand that could become strong. 

Just try not to buff too much, or you might get picked up on it, and your plays may lose respect.

Get to grips with rankings and odds. 

Finally, understanding starting hands is great, but understanding the rankings is better. 

If you were dealt a hand with A and 8, and the flop comes with K, 8, and 2, you know you have a pair of eights with an ace. However, you are being beaten by a pair of kings and maybe another set of 8’s or even 2’s. 

You could beat that with another 8, but then again, an opponent could have a full house. An ace gives you two pairs in a very strong position. 

You should be aware of the odds of hitting a winning hand, meaning you need to learn outs, hand outs, and pot outs. 

Thankfully, with playing online, you can always print out cheat sheets to learn about these as you play. 

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