Uses for CBD In Sports and Exercise

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CBD is a nonpsychoactive treatment for pain.  In fact, according to research, it shows that CBD has the potential to help athletes who are participating in high-intensity exercise manage pain and inflammation. On the other hand, although THC can be used to relieve pain, it may lead to unwanted side effects that may hinder an athletics performance.  

A 2004 lab test on rats showed that THC affects short-term memory, but CBD doesn’t appear to offer the same. Back in 2018, a report by the World Health Organization showed that CBD does not have the potential for dependence or misuse: unlike other pain-relieving substances such as opioids pain drugs, and THC.  

Although not proven, some research suggests that CBD may be used to treat opioids addiction and other substances that come with dependence risks.  

On the other hand, just like any other medical product, some controversies over CBD ‘Nonpsychoactive’ label. That is because it technically acts on the same cannabinoid type 1 receptors in the brain like THC. However, the only difference is that CBD works differently on the receptors, and it will not get you high.  

Side Effects 

Just like any other consumables, some people experience some side effects from CBD. The good news is that these side effects are relatively mild. A 2017 research showed that the most common side effects are: 

• Appetite change  

• Weight change  

• Diarrhea  

• Fatigue  

• Athletic event legality  

The good news is that CBD was removed from the list of prohibited substances back in 2018 by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Although this is a fact, athletic organizations and major sports unions like Major League Baseball, who ban THC consumption. Taking CBD should not make a person test THC positive, especially you go for CBD isolate rather than the Full-spectrum CBD products.  

However, some people have reported that they tested THC positive after consuming CBD. The risk increases if you take CBD from unreliable sources because their products may be contaminated or simply mislabeled.  

Well, if you are an athlete who must be tested for drug usage or doping, it is wise to avoid consuming CBD. If you choose to take it, it is wise to read the product label and research to ensure you get the best.  

What Should I Know Before Trying CBD?  

Before trying CBD, it is wise to seek medical advice primarily because of its side effects and natural roots.  This is especially important if you have a medical condition or taking other medications. That is because CBD may interact with some medications and change the way the body breaks it down, especially for drugs that are processed by the liver.  

If you are new to CBD, it is wise to start with low doses and never use it before taking part in a sporting event, competition, or workout. The moment you have grown comfortable with the effects; you can move to high quantities. Also, consider taking it before or during physical activity.  

You may opt to experiment with different ways of consuming it. Take a look at CBD UK. Remember, there are many ways to consume CBD other than capsules and tinctures like CBD pre-work drinks, CBD coffees, and CBD muscle balms.  


The truth is that there is a lot of unknowns when it comes to CBD and the impact it has on athletes. However, according to its potential and research, it is worth exploring it further for pain relief.  

NOTE: before you try CBD, it is wise to speak to your physician, especially if you are on medication or have health issues. Never start with large quantities if it is your first time. 

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