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Quarterback since the inception of the game has always been the position that compliments both attack and defense and whoever is filling the role is not only be a caliber of player that would be trusted by his teammates, coach or the fans but such player will have a huge impact in the way the game flows for the team – thus, his establishment, athleticism, drive, vision and reading of the game flow must be topnotch.

However, since the genesis of the National Football Leagues in 1920, the league has seen so many quarterbacks come and go while they made sure that history never forgets their time in the game with their sheer will and how they had pushed their team success on all front while they push do Super Bowl supremacy in their time.

Moreover, since the breakout of Patrick Mahomes in 2018 when he broke multiple single-season team’s records to became the Kansas City Chiefs’ first player to win MVP, he has gone from strength to strength to be among the best, and with him running the show for the Chiefs this campaign – as the best NFL betting sites had favored the Kansas City Chief ahead of Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the likes to scoop the 2021-2022 Super Bowl at +450 odds.

But below are the top ten greatest quarterbacks which have dominated and ensure that their get away with enough success in NFL.

Otoh Graham

Could it be the nostalgic effect that made many forget his impact in the game like many other “Oldtimer”.  At the least, Cleveland Brown would not forget the impact at which such an outstanding player that define era had for them in his era.

Graham came into the AAFC as a 27-year-old newbie but his inclusion by the Brown touchdown the genesis of dominance in AAFC, while Brown techniques and vision was very integral to the Brown’s dominance where Cleveland’s team won AAFC 4 championship between 1946 to 1949 as quickly became the untested leader of the team.

However, Brown joining the NFL ensure Graham 3 NFL Championship in six years while he drove his team to 10 championships and winning 7 times in his 10 years career stint in the league.

More so, Graham on his day was a multiple threat quarterback, as he could beat any opposition in the air or took them off, while he could also run with the ball makes him a terror for any opposing team. He finished his career with series of records in his position while laying the standard for the modern T-formation quarterback position is beyond an achievement.

However, with 3 NFL, 4 AAFC, 5 Pro Bowl, 3 NFL’s MVP, 2 AAFC’s MVP, coupled with a league record of touchdowns and passing yard, running yard, and the likes, his influence in the league during the short career spell was like magic.

Roger Staubach

6 times Pro Bowler, 2 times Super Bowl Champion, and Super Bowl VI  most valuable player on his team contributions coupled with his 7.7 yards per attempt, 153 touchdowns, 109 interceptions, and 12939 completion of his 22700 yards are somewhat remarkable for a career that lasted for about 11 years in NFL.

Roger Staubach was an aura of dominance in his prime as he guided the Dallas Cowboy to much success in his time.

The former Cowboy franchise face retired from the game with the career highest rating of passes in the NFL with 83.4% and the pioneer of the Hail Mary pass with his affluence to the game while he led the NFL in passer rating on four occasions before he retires. A legend that stood firm to his precision.

Aaron Rodgers

A player with inept quality, cool reading of the game, and outstanding effect to effortlessly carry out his duty with much intelligence and precision.

A poised passer with pressure sensory and evading, coupled with his ability to extend his demand of time is exquisite to behold in his prime – he however musters some impressive numbers in his sixteen seasons with the Green Bay Packers that ranges from 297 touchdowns, 72 interceptions, 104 passer ratings, to completing 23975 yards of his 36927 yards is quite appealing for a player that has numerous records with him in his he league.

Though his long holding of the ball can be detrimental to his team he always makes sure to improve his team overall play with enough tenacity and composure that earn him the three most valuable players, Super Bowl MVP, 9 times Pro Bowl, an all-decade team of NFL and many more to pick a little of his achievements.

Without much discussion on his ability and prowess, the American international had cemented his name among the greatest player in his position and would go into history as one of the players that define his era and by the time he final touchdown his career he might move up the level. A true legend of the game.

John Elway

The only player with six winning drive and fourth quarter come back on four occasions in the postseason playoff is an amazing achievement for a quarterback that prove to be ahead of his era by many miles. John Elway’s was a lynchpin of his era with rushing touchdown of Super Bowl on four occasions – while he rushed at 3405 yards and 33 touchdown is beyond imagination.

Furthermore, Elway complemented his charisma on the field with AFC offensive player of the year two times, a nine times Pro Bowler, two-time Super Bowl champion, one NFL most valuable player, an all-decade team of the year in 1990, one Sammy Baugh Trophy is enough to keep his name on the lip of National Football League fan forever.

But his 60 completion of 51475 yards he made in time is quite appealing, 80% passing rate 226 interceptions, over 300 touchdowns is miles ahead of many quarterbacks in the league and the former Danvers Broncos had rightly laid his claim as one of the players that does not just define his era but create a template to his role.

Dan Marino

A career that started with a fire on him from the very first year while he won the rookie of the year in his first season is just a glance of what is coming in the future – but the 1983 rookie of the year quickly establish his presence in the league the following year as he won the NFL most valuable player and the league’ best offensive player.

The brilliant quarterback impressive 36448 completion of his 61361 yards is relatively potent to make him among the greatest ever in the game, but the former Miami Dolphin quarterback further establish himself with 420 touchdowns, 252 interceptions and 7.3 yards per attempt is great affluence to establish the proven winner among the best in his position.

Marino retires in the game with numerous records to his from leading the leagues in attempted passes, leagues completion and his touchdown acres is incredible for his era – thus, his presence among the player that defines his role is appealing.

Brett Favre

One of the things that hat distinguished Favre from many was the fact his Most Valuable Player accomplishment that comes on three consecutive occasions is a major asset that will always set the player ahead of many quarterbacks in the league. Even the likes of Payton Manning could achieve such a feat despite their dominance in the league.

More so, Favre promotes his case with his 44540 yards completion, 336 interceptions, 507 touchdowns, 7.1 yards per attempt, and series of honors set him high on the list of the greatest quarterbacks in the league. Furthermore, the diminutive achiever has 1 NFL best offensive player of the year, 3 NFL most valuable player, 11 times Pro Bowler, a super bowl champion and his longevity and durability is somewhat out of the question – but his numerous award and record ensure that the American international is worthy of been considered among the greatest quarterbacks in the league.

Johnny Unitas

One of the greatest to ever grace the grass of the NFL field in its rich history! A 2 time NFL champion, 11 times Pro Bowler, a Super Bowl champion, and a 3 times NFL most valuable player of the year is more than enough to be among the best because he has seen and won it all in the league while leaving his mark with series of records in the league.

In him, his teammates found a quarterback, an attacker, a leader, the team’s cog, and the one thing that made all his team tick with the belief of achieving anything on the field.

More so, his impressive number from the yards he completed, the touchdowns and interceptions, and his passing rating was phenomenal and with numerous records and stats he left behind while he retires from the game is an important quest to make him one of the best in the league and not just his role

Joe Montana

A composed quarterback that could operate with utmost perfection under tension – with his coolness, he led the 49ers to Super Bowl triumph – with his dominance, he won the NFL most valuable player on two occasions, while making eight Pro Bowl appearances, one NFL offensive player of the year and three-times Super Bowl champions is an obvious pick to be among the best quarterback that NFL has seen in their history.

The San Francisco 49ers former player was an enigma that drove his team to multiple laurels with his records and dealing. Noteworthy legends in the game.

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Peyton Manning

With the rich history of the national football league, there has never been a player that has accrued accomplishments than Peyton Manning. However, with his illustrious and dominant career that readily define an era, Manning would only settle for the second spot on the list despite having won 5 NFL most valuable player, 2 NFL best offensive player of the year, Pro Bowler on 14 occasions, Super Bowl on 2 occasions and 1 Super Bowl most valuable player.

With his ability to disorient an organized defense line is seconded to none – he further exemplified his gameplay with his ability to evade pressure while diligently cooking the downfall of his opponent’s defense.

The completion of 46978 of 71940 yards, 539 touchdowns to 252 interceptions, and 96.5% passing rating is an average remark for an intelligent player like Manning who is exemplified in all areas of the game. Beyond a quarterback role, and virtually beyond league, Peyton Manning is a true legend of the game entirely.

Tom Brady

Like a console build player, Tom Brady is like a modified player that comes with the emblem of precision, accuracy, topnotch decision making and his tireless work ethic is a refine gem that ensures that the former New England Patriots quarterback is considered to be the greatest quarterback in the history of NFL, if not in the game entirely – while he would go down as one of the greatest players of the game.

7 times Super Bowl champion, 5 times Super Bowl most valuable player, 3 NFL most valuable player, 2 NFL best offensive player, 14 Pro Bowl appearances among many accolades that preceded his career.

Furthermore, the champion in his impressive carte had 356 touchdowns to 152 interceptions and over 40000 yards complete in his 61582 is yards is more than enough to set the American international as the greatest quarterback in the rich history of NFL and beyond his role and playing career, Brady has already started his claim as one the greatest plate in the American football league.

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