Benefits of CBD oil for Dogs

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Every pet owner wants their canine friend to be healthy hence they constantly seek ways to improve their health. With recent medical advances, animals now have access to different treatment options and one of these options is the use of CBD oil.

It is a sad thing for pet owners to watch their pets develop various health issues as they advance in age. They can suffer from different symptoms and gradually lose all the enthusiasm they were known for. Although veterinarians often recommend taking various prescription medications or other steps, some of which you can find here, they usually provide little relief, especially when compared with CBD.

CBD oil is becoming more popular in human medicine and this has led people to start thinking about how effective it can be in dogs. With advances in research indicating that CBD has many positive effects, you can provide your pets with the care it deserves by using CBD oil. This well-known supplement is a natural way of treating elderly dogs and saving them from various health issues.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is the short form of cannabidiol. It is gotten from the Cannabis sativa plant. This naturally occurring ingredient is derived from hemp plants. The use of this compound provides both humans and animals with nutritional and medicinal benefits.

This medication is healthy for humans and pets. Both people and animals have the endocannabinoid system. The main benefits of this oil on pets are due to the way the oil works with the endocannabinoid system to regulate essential functions such as sleep, mood, appetite as well as response to pain.

Benefits of CBD Oil for dogs

Benefits of CBD oil for Dogs
CBD oil

Some of the benefits of using CBD for pets include the following:

Reduction of inflammation and pain

Conditions like cancers, back pain or arthritis can be very painful. This oil can be given to dogs to reduce inflammation and pain. It also increases anti-inflammatory substances and limit formation of inflammatory cytokines.  

Research has shown that CBD oil reduces pain from inflammation in laboratory animals like rats and mice. Different breeds of dogs with arthritis and other kinds of pain have also been found to experience relief after using this medication. It is also known to reduce swelling, nerve pain, bone pain, and joint pains.

Control of Anxiety

Fear, confinement or separation from their owner, captivity, displacement, loud noises, and aging are some of the most prevalent reasons for anxiety in dogs. When under stress, they become overly aggressive and bark a lot.

Trials on animals have shown that it can reduce anxiety in dogs. It also makes them feel comfortable and relaxed, even in harsh circumstances.

Reduction of Nausea

Cannabidiol is strongly recommended for dog owners whose dogs have lost their appetite due to diseases or medications. Cannabidiol is well-known for decreasing nausea and increasing appetite. The oil also reduces vomiting, and research is ongoing to provide information on this. It activates hunger sensation, and this helps dogs stay healthy and fit.

Improves Heart Health

Even though research on this is still ongoing, results have shown that cannabidiol reduces elevated levels of blood pressure in pets, allowing them to maintain a healthy heart rate.

CBD Oil Aids in Digestion and the Prevention of Gastrointestinal Disorders

Indigestion and stomach problems are common in senior dogs. These may occur because of a medical illness or a mental shock that impairs the body’s normal digestive capacity.

CBD oil has proven to help with stomach swelling, indigestion, chronic gastritis, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Your pet would be happier and more energetic if its digestive system is in good shape.

Reduction of Seizures 

CBD has been used in the past to deal with seizures and it has proven to decrease convulsions and seizures in dogs. If your dog experiences seizures, it is recommended that you consult a vet before administering this medication on it. Doing this will give you information on dosage and the best mode of application.

CBD oil allows your Pet to Sleep Soundly

Your older pets may not find it easy to sleep well at night for a variety of reasons. Inflammation, traumas, or the recovery from a serious illness may all contribute to deprivation of sleep. Chronic pain will render your pet irritable, irritated, and moody.

Furthermore, if your pet does not get enough rest, it can develop nervous or cardiovascular issues. Dog immunity is boosted by an adequate night’s sleep. It also reduces the risk of infectious diseases, stroke, diabetes and lowers blood pressure.

These are just a few of the benefits of using CBD oil for dogs. You can find some more of these benefits here:


Many dog owners are discovering the benefits of using cannabidiol to relieve discomfort and improve their dog’s overall health. Several trials and studies on using CBD for dogs have shown positive results. In this article, we have outlined some of the benefits of CBD oil for dogs so you can check them out.

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