Why CCNP Certification And How It Differs From CCNA?

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What is CCNP? 

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is available. This certification is for IT professionals who have at least one year experience in professional networking. An equivalent high school diploma is required.Read more here for CCNP certifications. 

Professionals who are interested in specialized training programs to implement, maintain, and plan Cisco’s extensive range of high-end solutions for networks will be able to obtain the CCNP certification. There are many courses that cover the basics of IT networking.  

These include: 

  • Cisco remote access 
  • Cisco advanced routing 
  • Cisco multilayer switching 
  • Optimization of converged networks 
  • Scalable internet works 

This certification program trains professionals to troubleshoot, install and maintain wide-area networks (WAN) and local areas networks (LAN), for systems with 100 to 500 nodes. This certification program teaches students a variety of protocols and features, such as Route Redistribution and Access Lists, Ethernet and AppleTalk. 

The certification course focuses on preparing professionals to take the SPOTO CCNP. To test students’ knowledge and understanding of Cisco’s IP switched networks and IP routing technologies, a series of practice tests are administered. These exams also test the student’s ability to troubleshoot, test and maintain different techniques. 

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CCNP Exam Details 

You must have a CCNA certificate to take the CCNP certification test. There are three exams that make up the CCNP certification. 

  • 300-101 ROUTE Cisco IP Routing Implementation (ROUTE 
  • 300-115 SWITCH 
  • 300-135 TSHOOT Troubleshooting Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT). 

What is CCNA? 

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), credential is one of the most prestigious entry-level certifications in networking. The CCNA certification targets people with 1 to 2 years experience in network engineering. The best thing about CCNA training? It is affordable. 

This Cisco certification provides an associate-level certification to beginners and enthusiasts who have experience in networking. The CCNA program requires that students are tested and trained in the use, maintenance, and troubleshooting medium Cisco networking devices. This program also offers training in troubleshooting and installing end-to-end network devices. 

Aspirants who are interested in CCNA certification will also have the chance to gain more knowledge about the basic concepts and principles of Cisco networking. The certification provides a solid foundation for beginners in operating IT equipment. The material is specialized for Cisco environments, but it can also be used at a basic level. Those who have this certification are able to use their knowledge in many situations and increase marketability across different platforms. 

What is the difference between CCNP & CCNA 

The CCNA certification, which is an associate-level certification, tests professionals on routing and switching fundamentals. The CCNP certification is a more advanced certification, which requires a greater level of knowledge and understanding about WANs and LANs as well as how they interact. 

The CCNP certification, which is the higher of the two Cisco certification levels available, is considered to be the most senior. It focuses on more technical aspects of networking and related content like security and wireless options. 

CCNA vs. CCNP Career Differences 

Each certification leads to a different career path because of the differences in training levels between CCNA/CCNP. 

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CCNA Career Path 

This certification is ideal for those who are looking to enter a career in the following fields: 

  • Network Support Engineer 
  • Network Technician 
  • Helpdesk Engineer 
  • Service Desk Engineer/Technician 
  • First and second line support 

CCNP Career Path 

IT professionals looking to advance their careers can apply for the CCNP certification. It includes the following: 

  • Third-Line Support 
  • Network Engineer 
  • Network Analyst 
  • IT Team Leader 
  • Systems Engineer 
  • Network Specialist 


Cisco certifications are a great way to improve your IT career. CNA and CCNP courses taught by certified professionals in the today’s professional IT world. 

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