5 Celebrities That Inspired People to Use CBD Gummies


CBD has taken the global market by storm, growing and expanding at astonishing rates. As a result, it has strengthened its foothold in the market. However, the benefits cannabinoid offers are noteworthy enough to leave a remarkable impression on persons using them. However, no one can contradict that when such endorsement comes from the celebrities you follow, there is an altogether different level of trust which gets attached and your urge to use that product shoots to another level.   

This article will help you understand CBD Gummies from, their benefits, and factors you should consider while purchasing. Also, it will primarily focus on a list of celebrities that have inspired people to use these gummies due to their speckled benefits. 

CBD – Brushing the Basics 

Cannabidiol, i.e., CBD, has become a general term that is most likely known to every household. You might be aware of the relaxing experience you get from the cannabis plant, but what if the plant has some magnificent benefits? CBD is the reservoir of the plethora of such medicinal benefits. Being the second most vigorous compound of the cannabis plant, it offers a wide range of therapeutic services like alleviating anxiety issues, dealing with stress and depression, improving sleep, pain management, etc. 

CBD Gummies- The Tasty Variant  

Did this thought ever cross your mind that gummies or candies can lend a hand in dealing with many of your problems? As unlikely as it may sound, CBD Gummies are here to break the myth. These are edible gummies having cannabidiol oil in them and come in a wide assortment of options in the form of color, shape, potency, etc. These Gummies can be- 

  • Full Spectrum- Containing THC in minimal amounts and other indispensable cannabinoids. 
  • Broad Spectrum- Containing all-important phytochemicals. However, THC concentration is almost undetectable. 
  • CBD Isolate- It is the purest form of CBD and with no detectable traces of THC. 

Interestingly, all you have to do is get pleasure from the tasty gummies, and through absorption, it will get into your digestive system so that you can enjoy all the potential benefits. More importantly, gummies are easier to carry, tastier to consume, and a discreet way of intaking hemp. Moreover, you do not have to be apprehensive about the dosage, as CBD gummies have a specific concentration of cannabis plants. Thus you can easily monitor the amount you intake. Various brands provide for a wide range of CBD gummies, specializing in dealing with troubles like Sleep issues, alleviating pain, etc. 

CBD Gummies and Celebrities 

The chances that the sale of a product will increase is high when we see big celebrities endorsing or using the product themselves. While this has been a practice in almost every product in the market, CBD is nowhere different. With the legalization of hemp products, many celebrities have disclosed their usage and opinion regarding hemp-infused products. Interestingly, many celebrities are taking an active part in the growth of the CBD market by investing in such products and creating them. While the list is enormous, some of the celebrities who have inspired us by their usage of Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are- 

1. Kim Kardashian 

Being one of the most followed celebrities, Kim has time and again endorsed CBD and expressed her liking of hemp-infused products. She speaks actively about such products and tries to educate people about the benefits associated with them. Kim had even organized a CBD-themed baby shower which gained quite a buzz. She has stated on record how cannabis helped keep her calm and relaxed. She has quite an obsession with CBD-infused beauty products. Kim uses CBD gummies to experience a soothing and relaxing sleeping experience and thus truly inspires people to use them. 

2. Martha Stewart 

The First Female Self Made billionaire, Martha Stewart, also known as doyenne of all good things, has many achievements in her baskets; author of nearly 100 lifestyle books, successful TV shows are just some of them. However, interestingly, her interest in the cannabis plant originated from her famous show with Snoop Dog, which made her curious about its benefits. 

She partnered with marijuana grower Canopy growth in 2019 and released a new line of comestible infused with CBD, i.e., Martha Stewart CBD. In an interview with NY Times, she expressed that she used to pop even 20 gummies and is a fan of such gummies. Interestingly she ate four gummies in that interview of 1 hour, which shows that she is indeed a fan of the benefits and the super medicinal qualities associated with the CBD gummies and thus inspired many people to give it a shot and experience its wonders. 

3. John Legend 

An American Singer, actor, songwriter, producer, John Legend, use CBD and has invested in a brand offering CBD Gummies which helps people alleviate sleep issues and other conditions. Legend is considered an advocate of CBD and its benefits for quite some time. This recent partnership and investment will inspire and encourage people to use hemp-infused gummies to attain their benefits. 

4. Busy Phillips 

An American Actress, producer, writer, director, Busy Phillips, has time and again talked about how CBD gummies have helped her deal with her anxiety issues. Further, in various interviews and blogs, she expressed her gratitude towards these gummies, which proved a boon in helping her exercise and maintaining good health. 

5. Gordon Ryan 

The famous American submission grappler is also an ardent user of CBD products. The famous American submission grappler is also an ardent user of CBD products. Submission grappling is quite a demanding form of martial art that requires a powerhouse for energy and strength. Gordon Ryan is an inspiration for many athletes who have to go through challenging training rounds every day. However, sleep remains hard to catch things for them. He uses various CBD products, including CBD gummies, which significantly help the recovery process after exhausting training rounds. It also helps ensure a good sleep experience, making him feel motivated, which substantially helps in a fresh and boosted start to the day.   

How to Choose the Best CBD Gummies? 

CBD gummies offer a plethora of medicinal benefits. For instance, they can help alleviate conditions of anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Moreover, it can help handle chronic pain and maintain your skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Brands often add additional ingredients like melatonin, aiding you to achieve a much-relaxed sleeping experience and increasing the body’s immunity. Some gummies have turmeric and spirulina, which significantly helps boost your energy and deal with chronic pain conditions. 

However, you must consider the product’s superiority, brand reputation, third-party lab testing reports, ingredients used, etc., to ensure maximum benefits. 


CBD Gummies, especially from reputed brands, are the most preferred options due to the exquisite taste it comes in, the convenience it offers, and the number of celebrities using them. Moreover, investment in hemp-infused products is increasing every day, which thus indicates the great potential of such CBD gummies. Therefore, leaving no reason why you should keep yourself aloof from such a great product.  


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