How to Pick the Best Auto Transport Carrier?

Imagine, you deny yourself the luxuries of life for five years to save and buy your dream car. On the D-day, the buying process goes well, and in few hours, you’re an owner of a high-class car. You call a few auto transport carriers to move your vehicle to your designated destination. 

Sadly, the carrier you trust delivers the car late in a frayed condition. It’s an awful situation you wouldn’t want to imagine, and that’s exactly why you must read this article before hiring an auto car carrier.

Mode of Vehicle Transportation

How to Pick the Best Auto Transport Carrier?
Auto Transport Carrier

Multi-national auto transport carriers use a variety of transportation modes to deliver your vehicle to the selected destination. However, most auto carrier service providers use car carrier trailers to ship vehicles. The packages for this service type are categorized as open service, door-to-door service, and enclosed carriers.

Door-to-door services are quite costly as you will have to hire several companies before your car is delivered to the designated location. Open truck auto carriers are cheaper because they ship multiple vehicles at once. However, open trucks expose your vehicle to elements such as ice, wind, dust, snow, and rain, which could damage its exterior.

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Competence and Aptness

When you trust a carrier with a car, you expect your vehicle to be home the soonest possible. Unfortunately, not every carrier is prompt and competent. With some carriers, your vehicle will be delivered in days, while others will keep you waiting for weeks. Research the aptness and competence of every carrier. Check google reviews, BBB ratings, and other relevant sites to ensure the auto transport carrier has a track record.

Carriers don’t have total control of what happens to their multi-wheeled heavy trucks along the way. They can get held in traffic or get punctures, which means the delivery time will change. The best auto transport companies alert their clients of any changes to delivery dates.

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Decide Whether to Hire Carriers or Brokers

How to Pick the Best Auto Transport Carrier?
Auto Transport Carrier

There is a vast distinction between an auto transport carrier and an auto transport broker. Carriers can operate under brokers or on their own. Brokers are simply large and established companies with a fleet of trailers that work with several highly qualified drivers. They secure vehicle shipping jobs and then entrust the shipping work to their drivers or trusted carriers.

Most carriers work with brokers to have the cargo insurance, USDOT, and trucker’s licenses verified. Brokers often come at a higher price compared to if you hire a carrier who operates individually. There are well-known carriers that operate independently, so if you get one, the better.

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Customer Service Excellency

You’re hiring the best auto shipment carrier because you want assurance of quality service and peace of mind. The most trusted auto shipment carriers work with experienced and reliable customer representatives. If you’ve to keep on reminding your carrier that you have an uncompleted business with them, it simply means the company is not to be trusted, or the customer representatives are a clown.

People who have shipped their vehicles with the company will be better placed to narrate the true story of how their experiences were. Get a few customers, especially those who have complained about the company’s representatives, to give you a firsthand story of what really happened.

Price Quotes

Price is a very sensitive subject when dealing with auto transport carriers. You play the good boy or girl and get duped by fake carriers or pay more. Start your search for a shipment company when you already have a budgeted amount.

It would be easier to weigh deals from several carriers if you got a budgeted amount. Take price quotes from more than one trusted auto shipment company. Only compare companies with price quotes that fall slightly lower or higher than your budget. Most auto shipping companies offer room for you to negotiate for a fair deal, so take time to negotiate for possibly better deals.

When searching for an auto transport shipment company, remember to reflect on your personal preferences. Research service quality, customer care services, delivery times, service price, and responsiveness of the customer care representatives. That is to enable you to decide between different companies to settle for one that has what it takes to ship your vehicle fast and efficiently.

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