Common Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing for GPSC Exam

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GPSC Exam is conducted by Gujarat Public Service Commission to select suitable and eligible candidates for various civil services posts in the state of Gujarat.  GPSC is one of the reputed and most competitive exams in Gujarat. Candidates should start the preparation for both prelims and mains at the early stage of the upcoming GPSC Recruitment Exam.

Making mistakes is part of human nature, but not learning from it is their fault. Therefore, while planning the exam strategy, they need to make sure that they don’t repeat the same mistake which can affect their performance in the exam. One should focus on committing fewer mistakes to achieve the best result in the exam. Scroll through this page to know the common mistakes to be avoided by the candidates while preparing for the GPSC exam.

Not Sticking to the Syllabus

GPSC Syllabus is one of the most important aspects of preparation. Skipping Syllabus is one of the most common mistakes committed by candidates during the preparation. By doing this, they prepare for the irrelevant topics as well that are never asked in the exam resulting in the wastage of their time.

Therefore, they are advised to go through the latest syllabus and identify the relevant topics important for exam preparation. Apart from the Syllabus, candidates should not forget to understand the exam format and marking scheme from the exam pattern to strengthen their overall preparation.

Lack of General Awareness

General Awareness is one of the most important sections for Prelims, Mains, and Interview Round. Each selection stage contains questions related to Current Affairs and General Knowledge. One should follow the newspapers, read monthly magazines, and watch the news daily to know the current events of Gujarat, India, and the overall world.

Candidates should focus on Gujarat Specific Current Affairs, History, Geography, sports, etc to ace the GPSC exam with high marks. One should first refer to NCERT books for the basic concept and then move ahead with the advanced level books during the preparation.

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Referring Too Many Books for Single Concept

It is true that the GPSC Syllabus is extremely vast but that doesn’t imply that the candidates are required to refer to too many books for better preparation. If you refer to too many books to clear the concept of one topic, then it will only create unnecessary confusion and wastage of time.

Thus, the candidates should prepare from the limited resources and refer to one or two books for one subject. After completing the syllabus, they can practice from different sources in order to get familiar with different types of questions.

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Not Solving Previous Year Paper

GPSC Previous Year Question Paper is one of the important sources to strengthen exam preparation. Ignoring the previous year’s paper practice is one of the most common mistakes made by the aspirants and thus they don’t have much familiarity with the GPSC exam.

Thus, the candidates are advised to download the GPSC previous years’ paper online from a reliable website and solve them with a timer to get a real feel of the exam. After solving the previous year’s paper, they should download and verify the answers from the official GPSC Answer Key for that specific year. By doing this, they will get to know about the marking scheme, difficulty level, and important topics of the exam. Solve at least the last five-year question paper to approach the exam with confidence.

Skipping Mock Test Practice

No doubt, the GPSC exam is one of the most competitive exams in Gujarat. To crack the exam, one should score more than the competitors and therefore it is important to practice well for the exam.

Attempting a mock test is one of the best ways to improve the speed and accuracy of solving the actual GPSC questions on time. After attempting mock tests candidates should analyze their performance in order to identify their strong and weak areas and then allocate extra time to strengthen their weak areas. 

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